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  1. CPU thoughts

    Its not critical that I get the machine before school this year but I would like to have something by the end of this year or beginning of 2010. As with all things in the world you wait long enough and there will be something better out but if you dont buy something you will never have it even if its going to be replaced in 3 to 6 months.
  2. Macbook pro 4,1 wireless

    Has anyone else experience any problems with the Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( My macbook pro wireless absolutely sucks with this card. I have another MBP with an Apple identified wifi card and it works great. The 10.5.7 update destroyed what little success i hadwith the wireless and now sitting 2 feet from the router it will still drop connection. The is a 10.5.2 "driver" for the card. Has anyone else had this problem or know of anyway to solve the problem? apple support discussions have no answers...
  3. Just wondering what your opinion was on intel cpus. My main goal was to get the i7, it is fast and new to the market... but the price (approx. 1600USD) that the machine would set me back i keep thinking i should just hold out and get a macpro, even if its a refurb from apple. The machine would be used mainly for gaming and then school work. My question is how long do you think the dual core processors will be able to run games (supcom 2, diablo 3, starcraft 2) coming out in the next year? and what about the core2quads?
  4. I think that machine would be great. Can't go wrong with the UD5 mobo.
  5. This is the Retail OS X install guide I would follow if you get the UD5, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=149505 As far as I understand it the UD5 is 100% compatible, Im not sure about the P6T. There is a Install Guide on it though so I would assume that it is 100% working too.
  6. I would seriously look at the Gigabyte UD5. If you are looking for compatibility the UD5 or the ASUS P6T is the way to go. There are instructions on how to install OSX on them in the Tutorials section.
  7. New i7 build

    Sounds like a pretty good monitor to me. Went down to bestbuy and looked at; looks great. I think I have pretty much everything picked out right now. Going to go with the UD5 mobo. I'm a couple bucks short of the total right now so it might be another couple weeks before I go ahead and get everything. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Kitty is finally out :)

    http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/05/...-final-push.ars Check out the bottom of the page, looks like it is still covered by the NDA until it is released. I could be wrong though.
  9. New i7 build

    It has a DVI connector and a VGA connector from what I read, I dont know, they have one at the best buy near me so I may have to go down and look at it, it looks like it has a hdmi input too but best buy says no... Kinda wish apple still sold their 20" display
  10. New i7 build

    Couple reviewers on newegg have the antec 300 case and it fits in theirs, so I should be good. Another question... The only monitor I have is an old apple 22" with the ADC connector. I'm looking at around 20 - 23" monitors, what's a good monitor?
  11. New i7 build

    Thanks TomCom, I'll have to wait until I get the case and everything assembled to make sure there is enough room before I buy one. If there is enough room I'll probably go with the Scythe Mugen 2.
  12. New i7 build

    I've settled on using the gigabyte UD5 mobo. I did some more reading an installing OSX on it and it seems to handle the install process better than the asus mobo. One other question for you guys. If the i7 is overclocked to 3.6 or 3.8GHz what kind of heatsink would be good?
  13. New i7 build

    Well... I'm looking at the Gigabyte mobos now. If I end up getting 2 GPU's does anyone know if SLI will affect the boot of OSX if I want to keep SLI enabled for windows?
  14. Re-tech-newbie-ified

    Wow... I may rethink my computer I was planning on doing. Going to find some more articles before I go thru with not getting an i7. *EDIT* Read a few more articles on this and what nVidia is leaving out is there SLI/ ATI CrossFire. There is some more info on this site but the main picture is in the comparisons. Seems like SLI and CrossFire do more than CPU upgrade however the i7 does help out its just up to you if its worth the extra cash to get it. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/core-i...ing,2061-8.html
  15. New i7 build

    There is a very good tech page on how to install osx on the Asus P6T board and from a couple people I have talked to on here that have the Asus P6T board they have pretty much solved all the issues with it and it is running very well for them. I dont really have anything with brand names... I've had a mac since I can remember... good old black and white mac's, played megaroids a lot on that one lol, had a 66MHz mac when I was about 8. What Gigabyte board would you suggest with the same kind of features as the Asus board?