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  1. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    well i am happy to say i am posting in these forums for the first time on a box running osx86!! seems the plist hack worked once i cleaned all the kexts from the plugin dir under IONetworkingFamily.kext. Also have to just remove the secondary pci dev id entry all together and without even rebooting the network config panel popped up! so now its back to the wireless and then if i want to be all crazy, guess i could see if i can't get the buttons on the front going. to be honest I am not quite sure if the brightness is maxed out quite anymore, seems to be toned down a bit and i am still trying to figure out where to adjust screen brightness in OSX. so going to enjoy this a bit and get all my apps updated and then take a good image. will go on from there!! todd
  2. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    ok ok ok, have been making some serious progress. now at the point where its going to be more beneficial for me to just get my hands on an airport card and just be done with the whole thing! lol. lots of updates and I am planning to put a full howto together for cf-19 with iAtkos 10.5.7 as that is where i am at now, but also convinced we have different models of toughbooks, i know for sure i am mkii and thinking you may have the newer ones or the mkiii's as they are known. as of now, full hardware support with QE using x3100 drivers, found the video issues i had were nothing more than resolution issues fixed with an external monitor, here was some help, but more on that later. also have the sd card working and although i have not tested it for speed or even tested it extensively but so far reads and writes seem to be at similar speeds as under windows. here is a link to thread i found it in and to specifically the kext thats working for me! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=51464 (0x08221180 Vendor & Dev id) so been looking around and just wanted to be sure i am looking for the correct atheros card. so toorhax do you know the exact model i should be looking for? if this is the model; AR5BXB72. then they are quite penty on the bay and fairly affordable as well. If you are still out there following this let me know. And thanks again toorhax for setting me down this path, I am very very satisfied with how it is working right now, very very stable and quite quick for whats under the hood. I would have never even tried this if it werent for you making your youtube video. oh and some other things i have noticed since running 10.5.7 now, it does seem to sleep and resume better now, and i am getting sound input using the apple HDA driver instead of the azalia one i metioned earlier. reboot doesn't work still although shutdown seems to drop everything down fine. tried the realtek 8139 and didnt have any luck with it. this is what i am going to play around with today and once i have everything operation i plan on gathering all my notes and links into a nice article to share. thanks again and hope to hear from you soon! -Todd
  3. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    hey toorhax, guess I just noticed but your driver is showing as a realtek for the nic, now thats leading me to wonder if we may have different toughbooks, do you know if yours is a mki mkii or mkiii off hand. I know specifically mine is a cf-19f/mkii model. just wondering if we may have some not so subtle differences in our hardware. either way, I am going to take a good back up and try the realtek driver out, the first backup i made using carbon copy cloner didnt seem to work when i restored so I am going to try and create a good disk image from disk utility from the bootdisk. I don't believe the version of ghost or rdeploy I am using supports HFS+ so guessing that should be a decent way of backing up. I guess I will find out if I have to restore. ;-) back in a bit!
  4. loaded this on my Panasonic Toughbook Cf-19 and its working for output through speakers only. No headphones or mic input, but at least I have sound! iPC osx86 10.5.6 ppf5 vanilla kernel SigmaTelTM STAC9751 AC-97 v.2.2 Compliant Audio Codec Thanks a lot for this!! Todd
  5. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    Hey again, some small but positive updates, had a really weird experience while testing another loadout and while it was stuck at the apple screen during one of the failed boots, i was just working on another computer waiting to see if it would boot into the gui. out of no where i get some song start playing, i took a double take and had to walk over to it to make sure it was actually coming out of the toughbook, it was. stuck at the apple boot screen but playing a song, i thought well at least the speakers sound good! i repeated the same install procedure but this time booted with verbose output and it was looking like at least the new audio driver i chose seems to be at least partially working... so i revert back to one of my failsafe setups and just add the azalia driver to my loadout and boom the new user registration comes up and we officially have sound!! So toorhax, I know this wasn't something you were dieing to have but its a little something I can give back to you for all of the help you have given me!! Take a look at this thread and the pkg file is in the first post so give it a shot and see if it gets you sound on yours. So far i know its output only, no sound input or output to the headphone jacks but at least the speakers now work! linky now i am moving on to the ethernet, will see what I can't come up with today! Thx! -Todd
  6. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    wow man, you had my jaw dropped long before i evn got to that part, but yeah drool started to come out then... either way i am going to soak it all in for now, never did get around to doing any reading tonight so looks like i am going to find some "lab" time at work tomorrow to do some completely worked related "research" I don't know how to thank you enough for your help, the world needs more people like you. if you are ever around detroit area, i owe you several beers!
  7. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    some more updates... found a few threads on my ethernet card and there is supposedly a way to fool it into working as it should that I need to sit down and read fully but sound like we just need to fool it into thinking its a close relative thats actually supported, think i will have some time tonight to parse the threads and see what i can come up with, in the mean time do you mind posting the output for yours so i can reference, from looking in devgmr in window$ its showing as a 88e8055 and the drivers i am seeing packages for we're 88e8056 and 88e805x and i have tried both, still no net. for the digitizer i tried the drivers you sent found the older of the two worked best, could have just been it flaking out on the first try but i could not click with the pen at all using the newer ones. so uninstalled and reinstalled the older one and it worked like a champ! thanks for that, another big one off the list! now onto the sound. The more and more I keep thinking about this, its becoming more and more important to get it working. no show stopper by any means but i also found a few threads on the issue and while i didn't even have a chance to skim them, it at least gives me hope someone is either using them or wants too. either way i am not alone and hopefully i can find something more positive but thats for after the kids go to bed and i get some time alone to get to reading all these bookmarked threads. thanks again for your all your help and for the drivers as well, your countess hours you spent are now being appreciated by at least one other person(countless others to hopefuly follow!) so again much appreciated! oh one other thing i have been wanting to ask, what the hell was that program that turned your screen red and green for night vision. that i think i need more than the wireless at this point, just sick! -Todd
  8. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    Hey toorhax! Just wanted to drop a quick update. Well its been a interesting weekend but i have it up and running, although no wireless or ethernet so its rather limited in as to it's usefulness in it's current state. At this point i have it recognizing the intel card but as i found out in another thread here, its the same problem everyone is having, it just won't associate to an unsecured network. apparently and thankfully updated and working drivers are supposedly forthcoming so i will be watching for them. Have not even tried to install anything for audio but blurtooth and firewire appear to be working. usb is working great and i have plugged a ton of different devices and no issues. no sdcard or dimming of the screen, so no updates for you there. the mouse and keyboard work great, the video i chose during install was x3000 but its showing as no kexts installed in the profiler so not sure whats going on there. the digitizer pen works but is not aligned, seems the movement to too accelerated and am unsure of how to calibrate that in osx so another thing to play around with. I stated off using the iDeneb but also installed iPC and found that to run a little smoother and also at least recognize the intel card. Also ran into some issues with my windows partition so reloaded that and the damed win7 bootloader took over so I took and image of a good win7 partition and am now making an image of the osx partition before i put them all back together on the drive just in case something craps out again. Overall i am very impressed with the performance and am getting excited that i am about to have my first osx based system thats not running in vmware... lol! the networking is first and i would like to have sound if possible so i am play around with that as well when i have some time. I will try to put together a doc of my steps to install if anyone is interested. back to playing with it! thx! -Todd
  9. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    Hey toorhax! thx for the quick response! Yeah i have been running through different installs and trying different combos as far as kernels and patches and what not, but to be honest I am not 100% sure what they all are. in all honesty I have not RTFM'd and done my due diligence so my bad... I have had the toughbook for a while when i saw your video, and had a new 320gb drive i have been meaning to put in her for a couple months, saw this as a prime opprotunity to do them both at the same time. she is loaded up now, 4GB of nice mushkin memory and now the new hard drive. It is already partitioned and setup as dual boot, also one part left that I am debating on installing gentoo on, the third has windows 7 and is up and running using the osx boot manager now. For each new attempt at an install I use the disk tool in setup to erase to ensure a clean load as well as still maintain the integrity of the other two partitions. So at this point I am trying to find a distro that installs cleanly and give me working video, i am trying to keep it to as bare bones of an installation as possible assuming I can install all the other packages once the machine is bootable. As far as the shortcomings you mentioned they are all very acceptable for what I use this for, I can always work on getting that stuff going but for now I would just like OSX on this box in any way I can. I do a lot of remote support and this is great to have when hiking and camping and i need to get into one of my servers from the middle of nowhere!! I will post back here once i get something bootable or simply frustrated enough and need some assistance. Again I really appreciate all of you help with this!! Todd
  10. Rugged Leopard tablet PC video

    wow! Please let me just say I am very impressed, I have been wanting to play around with osX86 for a while and this made me finally get off my arse! I have a CF-19/F mkii and since seeing this video on youtube I am hellbent on getting this going! Now I have already partitioned the drive up using a iAtkos5i disk, some of the other parts on the box are already installed but bootloader is not having any issues with that part so multi-boot has been successful. Now I have been playing around with any and every pc-friendly leopard distro I could find. hazard and iAtkos to name a few and have been trying to find the right combo to get it to boot up. I tried hazard and could get it to boot up get a blue screen and just as it appears to be bringing up the window mgr, the screen goes south, turning white with vertical lines. no good. I continue to try different combos and am starting to wonder if I am going to need to customize a disk myself to get the video going. now a little background, I am a linux man, working in a windows world, trying to run a mac... Not a whole lot of experience with OSX but I can fumble through it with the best of them. I have been using linux for years, as of the last few mostly gentoo, and consider myself to be fairly competent so I am not scared to get dirty if need be. Any chance you would be willing to help point me in the right direction to get leopard going on my CF-19? Thanks and hope I am not totally hi-jacking your thread! Any help will be appreciated!! Todd