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  1. When Sony and Samsung and Toshiba etc. release HD-DVD and Blu-Ray external drive, will I be able to connect it to one of the USB's on my Mac Mini and then be able to watch and brun HD-DVD movies. Or does Mac have to support it before it will enable any kind of features to work with it? Thanks alot!
  2. awesome. Thanks alot for the information.
  3. I cannot find the answer anywhere. Will Mac OS Leopard run on only the Mac Pro or will it run on all the Mac Books as well as the Mac Mini? Thanks alot!
  4. I know Windows XP does, but will Vista be able to run with BootCamp on a Intel Macbook? Thanks alot. And sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums.
  5. http://www.officemax.com/max/solutions/pro...kOID=1611445716 Thanks alot guys!
  6. What is the best software to burn DVD's/CD's with a Mac. Do they have Nero for Mac?
  7. Jimi4

    Making the switch!

    I want to get it from a retailer like Best Buy or something. But I also want to get a upgrade from the CD-RW-DVD to a CD-RW-DVD-RW Super Drive. But I dont want to upgrade everything all at once if you know what I mean? Can i do that at an retailer store?
  8. Jimi4

    Making the switch!

    Thanks alot for all of your help. My mouse and Keyboard are both USB and I am trying to make an ultimate setup and I put 200 dollars into the Acer for my 360, so Im not going to buy a Cinema display the next year, even though they do look very nice. Thanks alot!
  9. Ok, for my birthday I am getting an HP Laptop, but want to get a Mac Mini next summer with money I get from work. I have a few questions before I buy a Mac... I want to be able to buy the Mac Mini and with my Acer Monitor, Logitech Mouse and Dell Keyboard to be able to just plug them in and then just start using the Mac Mini. 1. Will my Logitech mouse, dell keyboard work? 2. Do I need a Apple Cinema Display or can I use my 19inch Widescreen Acer Monitor? 3. How much ram should I have for just web surfing and some video and music? But not all at once. 4. How big of a Hard Drive should I get for storing some Music and Videos? I will probably download most of my music and videos with my HP since it will come standard with a bigger Hard Drive then the Mac Mini. 5. How is the software? 6. How is the 3rd part support? 7. Are there less virus' with the Mac then there are with a PC? 8. Can I transfer files between my laptop and my Mac Mini over my wireless network? 9. Speaking of wireless network, what do I need to connect a Mac Mini to my Linksys 802.11b router? The model is BEFW11S4 for those who know about these types of things. 10. Is Mac OS compatible with a External HD? Say I got small HD like 60Gigs and I used it up... could i get a 100 Gig External and then transfer some of the files over to that and keep them on the external and it wil be compatible? 11. Where should I buy the Mac? The store or online? 12. If online, should I buy it from apple.com or is there a reliable site that has cheaper/good prices but is not used? My final question is are Macs as good as they sell themselves on those Mac Switch commercials. I think those commercials are hilarious, but some how I just cant find Macs to be that much better then PC's if they are better at all!!!
  10. If I get a Ethernet wireless bridge for a Mac Mini and set it up over the wireless network will the Mac Mini use it? Will it work? Or will the built in Airport thingy support with the Linksys 802.11 b/g router?
  11. OK it does, thanks alot!
  12. Just like the Description... can i use a Acer Monitor with a Mac Mini? THanks!
  13. Well the 360 is just like having two computers connected together! So lets say it like this. Could I have two computers connected when the monitor is not multi-sync via a specific cable that splits both VGA signals? And the monitor will get which ever VGA signal it gets first?
  14. But, what if the Monitor doesnt accept USB? Can you explain this method?
  15. Is January for my birthday I am getting a HP Presario Z200Z, because my old Dell is about to just die. But, in my room I have my Xbox 360 connected to a monitor. I work in the summer but this summer I am saving up for other things (Nintendo Wii, Jerseys, Sneakers, etc.) But, next year in the summer I want to buy a Mac Mini for my room. My question is... I know the Mac Mini accepts VGA monitors, but what kind of cables do I need to be allowed two different machines connected to the monitor at once and then I just pick which one I want? Or, is it the monitor? Or if I just get the cable then will it be which ever set of hardware that monitor recieves signal from first? Thanks alot for all of the help!!!