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  1. Does anyone know how to modify the 32 bit driver for this USB Wireless adapter TEW-424UB (Version 3.1R) to work on Snow 64 bit. I got it to work in 32 bit kernel space I downloaded old driver for Leopard and opened .kext file and edited plist of it to new bundle numbers and it worked! Now I am sure someone out there could make it work under 64 bit kernel space? Are there any out of box solutions that work now with 64 bit snow? I need 64 bit because of pro applications I use so need all 8 gig of rams to be used by one application. Thanks, KEKS
  2. Trendnet 424-UB 3.1R - Snow Leopard Drivers?

    I have same adapter and it works in snow 10.6.3 under 32 bit i am also trying to figure out how to change the driver to work in 64 bit mode ... i figured out how to change the plist for 32 bit but that trick didn't work with 64 ... i'll see if i can figure it out. In the meantime if anyone has more info on how to port driver from 32 bit to 64bit please write something Thanks, Keks
  3. I have same thing on my Abit Quad GT board... when i delete applesmbios.kext final cut boots fine in 32 bit mode and it crashes in 64 bit while loading.... i have installed applesmbiosefi.kext to fix the about this mac crash.... but the cpu is reporting as unknown when i remove the vanilla smbios kext when i put it back it reports as xeons but then final cut won't boot .... lots of things are similar here... what i think its happening is this UUID thing i have to figure out where to edit that in my extra folder i only have extensions fakesmc by netkas, null cpu and open halt restart. I have removed the DSDT.aml because i couldn't get the aquamac strings to register at all but then i get cmos reset everytime not a big deal for me but i have to go into bios everytime i want to boot again ... but i have made a profile inside bios so its quick...... one more thing i am not using boot list in extra but i am modifing it in the original place.... Hope one day to fix all these issues but i guess its working like this too its rock stable and fast
  4. Autodesk Smoke on Mac

    i guess this is way maya is not working too
  5. Autodesk Smoke on Mac

    I have tried the pcwiz installer and also that other method by adding the string to plist when i run get ost id i get Error getting host ID Executing: dlhostid SetWorkingDir: /Applications/Autodesk/Smoke 2010/Utilities/GetDLHostID.app/Contents/Resources/ Executing: ./dlhostid dlhostid (build 173) - Copyright © 2005 by Autodesk, Inc./Autodesk Canada Co. All rights reserved. Error: Disk drive failed to return data ***Error: Unable to determine the host ID of this machine. Error: Unable to execute ./dlhostid Error code: 1 hmm
  6. this method only works booting 32 bit kernel .... what you do is open up that kext show content and edit its plist ... look for last 4 lines and change the string value to 9.0.0 and save then replace the kext and you should see it start working without restarting
  7. Wow I am excited i finally got it working ... you have to edit the RTL8187Bl.kext open it with show package contents by right clicking on it and then go into Contents / open up info.plist in any text editor or better property list editor if you have xcode installed and then last lines OSBundleLibraries and change the value strings for last 4 lines to be 9.0.0 instead of 8. something i can't remember what it was...... I guess it looks at the OS BUNDLES LIBRARIES to register that driver ... once you do that replace that kext with kext helper and you don't even have to restart you'll see your wireless thing flash before your eyes and working hope this works for you guys my TEW 434ub 3.1 R works now and here is kext for all of you
  8. i have a different adapter its a TrendNet TEW-424UB but it uses this same RTL8187BL.kext... is there a way to adapt this kext to work with snow leopard somehow editing the string values? Thanks!
  9. 9800 GTX working in OSX86

    hello aquamac... i have GeForce 9800 GTX + plus 1 Gig of ram on it... I have installed 10.5.3 update kalway and running vanilla kernel motherboard is AB9Quad GT running Quad Core clocked at 3.2 ghz. I am using EFI 9 with strings that I pulled form new OSX86Tools under Add EFI strings ... everything works without NVInject and I get quartz support and all but my FPS are 4 times slower then yours? Maybe my strings are not good? Thanks edit: After I upgraded to 10.5.6 now i get incredible nubers and it says its using the new engine 9800 gtx + on opengl extension viewer..
  10. Hello guys I am having some trouble I hope you can help I am using Final Cut 6 and when I updated to chameleon 2 rc1 I can't start it anymore I even tried re installing the retail and everything but same thing. It starts logading and then stops at Loading FCS Engine... and it just sits there with the splash screen. Hope someone can help osx 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 same thing