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  1. What worked for me was I used the Brazill PostPatch with a usb drive and patched over the TOH installation. Works but i need to leave the dvd inside the computer to boot. (anyone know a fix or manual bootloader install pkg?)
  2. Leopard Blinking Cursor " - " problem!

    Did you erase your tiger installation using DIsk Utility before installing leopard over the same drive? Thanks
  3. what pins/wires do you need? The female pins of the front panel are rather small. thanks!
  4. Ahh I see, which type of connector pins did you use though? Can you find them at a local radioshack for instance? Thanks again.
  5. Yay... very cool tribesman. Could you breifly explain how you got the LED front panel PWR button/USB to work? I am having trouble finding the right sized pin connectors/wires for it. Thanks alot. Nice job.
  6. How did you get the LED front panel working? Which connector pins did you use because i noticed the pins for the front panel are significantly smaller than the pins on the mobo. Thanks!! Nice job btw!
  7. Apple G5 Front Panel Connector Layout

    What connectors/pin adapters do you use for the Front Panel. I have a G5 case and I lost the connector cable. I am hoping to buy some pin connectors but I dont know which will fit. Thanks.