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  1. This is a very helpful guide. I successfuly installed osx on my D610 and upgraded to 10.5.7. Thanks riddiculous. Some notes: 1. I used to have a Intel 2200/2915ABG wireless card, and I couldn't make it working. Actually, I don't think there is a working driver for those cards, at lease for D610. What I did is to purchase a Dell card, and installed the broadcom driver. 2. The ethernet card can be actived using the mentioned driever. However, it will prevent the computer going into sleep. So IMHO, not worth it. As my wireless working fine, I have disabled the ethernet card in BIOS. 3. the PS2 trackpad is a problem - tapping is not working initially. riddiculous mentioned a driver for the trackpad, but I cannot find it anywhere. There is also a 10.5.6 ready PS2 driver floating around in this forum, and it works when you start the computer. However, after the computer resume from sleep, I lost the tapping capability. The only driever that supports tapping and scrolling is called Voodoo PS2 driver so far, but I found that sometimes, the pointer 'jumps'. If anyone knowns a good driver supporting tapping, please share. 4. In order to upgrade to 10.5.7, I first suggest you do a backup of the whole system, and also the sys/lib/ext. Then download the 10.5.7 combo upgrade from apple, and install it. You maybe not able to start the osx for the first time. what I did is using the ipc dvd to boot and install the kernel and driever only (skip the base system). After that, you should be able to boot the system in safe mode (-x flag). Then, restart the system second time, and you should have a 10.5.7 system working like mine. If not, you have to use osx86tools to restore the extentions from the backup, then 10.5.7 should works.