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  1. Snow Leopard Upgrade from Leopard?

    SRY, thats what i meant.
  2. Snow Leopard Upgrade from Leopard?

    What about with hackintosh, fresh install, does it totally screw up the kernel/kexts?
  3. Will this work with the HP Pavilion dv6500?
  4. Hackintosh logo i've made

    Hi,I love this logo i have it for my about this mac image. I tried and couldn't get all the transparency out. Though I would like to make it as my boot image with bootxchanger could you upload this with a background color(#BFBFBF) of the boot screen and have it be a small size here is what also it says on the website: http://namedfork.net/bootxchanger/ If your image has too many, it will be reduced and probably look ugly. If this happens, you can try saving the image in GIF or PNG-8 with Photoshop, and making sure it uses 100 colours or less. On Intel Macs, it's even worse: images have to be compressed to fit in the boot file. If your image is too complex and doesn't fit, BootXChanger will show a message and you won't be able to apply it. Simply put: You can't change the background colour, it's #BFBFBF Use an image with less than 100 colours On Intel Macs, use simpler shapes or smaller images
  5. HP DV 6500 entertainment no sound output

    I have the exact same computer and I used ideneb also. But the audio didn't work from me so I did alot of research installed some kexts couldn't get it work, it bricked my system, couldn't boot up. So i tried kalyway, checked all the audio options at install and it worked! I just can't get the built in microphone to work. If you got the microphone to work please help me.