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  1. Hello, @Evander: I 've tried 4 installation disks on my 680i board (Iatkos, leo4all, ideneb and kalyway). They all had problems in booting from cd. The only thing that worked was Kalyway 10.5.2 without F8 in booting (if I was trying only booting with -v I would never see the installation screen). @Verdant: Thanks man, your support is awesome. Everything is almost working now. I have 3 more questions in case you can help: 1. Is there any guide of how to update from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7? Like the excellent guide: "Running Mysticus 10.5.6 Delta/Combo Updaters on a DESKTOP PC" that you have already provided for upgrading to 10.5.6. 2. Is there anything that can fix a time problem that I have? Every time I boot in OSX my time is changed by +4 hours. This change remains after that if I boot in windows 7. So, for now I have to constantly synchronize my clock with internet time in both OS to have the correct time. 3. Is there anything you know about how could I enable the front panel of my audigy 2 platinum card? Until now: Nforce sata, lan, usb, chipset and geforce 888gts 320, audigy 2 platinum soundcard are working great on 10.5.6 kalyway fully updated. Thanks again for your efforts Verdant!
  2. Hello, Thanks everyone who contributed in the developement of those drivers. I installed the driver for my audigy 2 platinum on a kalyway 9.5.2 upadted to 9.5.6 and it's working fine with my 6.1 speakers. One thing I noticed is that the front panel (line-in 2/mic, headphones, spdif etc) of the card is not working at all. Is there any chance to enable it in OSX or that is a wish out of question?
  3. Hello I'm a noob in the osx world. PC: BFG nforce 680I sli (Last bios p31 I think) Intel E6600 dual core stock speed XFX 8800 GTS 320mb Nvidia vga 2 GB DDR 800 Kingston RAM 4 Sata internal Hard Disks (2 with personal files ntfs from windows, 1 with windows 7 ntfs and 1 with Leopard HFS+journal). 2 P-ata IDE DVD drives (NEC ND-4571 AND PLEXTOR PX116A) Audigy 2 pci platinum sound card Nforce Lan MONITOR EIZO 19" CRT F730 Nforce sata controller I Installed Kalyway_10.5.2 and I updated to 10.5.6 via update package successfully thanks to your instructions. The options I used on the final installation (nforce chipset update package) were: Voodoo Kernel NForceATA -3+GB fix Nforce LAN (MSI-Enabled) NVDarwin 1.2.5 Quick Time Mouse lag fix Chameleon + PC EFI V9 After that I installed CoreVidia 1.1version 320mb. The problems are: 1. I don't have permission to modify (change, delete, move,) files in all the hard disks except the partition that has OSX installed. 2.I have not installed drivers for my audigy 2 platinum and therefore no sound. I tried with the kXAudioDriver-1.2b1.dmg but it gives always a kernel panic when OS tries to mount the image. 3. I can't change the standard resolution 1024*768 to a proper 1280*1024 and maybe even more if it's needed by some programs. 4. Some applications like harwaregrowler, photo booth, vlc and dvd player seems to not work. The Questions: 1. Did I miss anything to install that I may need? Maybe that's why some applications are not working. 2. Can I do something to have sound from Audigy? (maybe I should try another kernel but I don't know how to choose). 3. Can I persuade the OS that my rig is capable to display resolutions up to 1600x1200@92Hz easily? 4. Most Important what can I do to be able to use all of my hard disks? 5. Would it be wise to upgrade to 10.5.7 for my hardware parts? Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance. Cheers