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    Snow Leopard Wireless Problem

    I uploaded to Snow Leopard (finally) and have not been able to get my wireless card, Encore ENLWI-N, to work. On Leopard, I had been using a Ralink driver. Has anyone had any success with getting this card? I appreciate any advice.
  2. Everything is working fine for me but I haven't tried overclocking yet. Also, I haven't used Vuze or Time Machine yet. I been using utorrent which I like much better. I am buying an external drive soon so I will let you know if I have Time Machine issues. Also, I have been hearing good things about SuperDuper for back up, but not an ideal Time Machine replacement (more of a "complement"). Keep me posted if the problem is overclocking related.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to give everyone an update on this thread. My Hackintosh has been successfully working for two weeks now running 10.5.7! I was hesitant to post at first waiting for something to go wrong, but so far so good. My Final Specs were: Motherboard: Gigabyte UD3P $115 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 $175 Graphics Card: 8600 GTS $30 RAM: OCZ Gold 8GB (4 2GB) $93 HD: Western Digital 640GB SATA HDD $70 DVD: Samsung SATA $27 Case: Coolermaster Elite 335 $40 PSU: Corsair 400cx $40 Card reader: nMediaPc $10 Wireless Card: Encore ENLWI $25 Monitor Acer 22 $150 Leopard: $69 Total Cost (After rebates and including tax): $903 I used Weaksauce12’s guide, http://leopardsoup.pbworks.com/ud3p, for a retail install on the UD3P which was extremely helpful and straightforward. My only concern was that my CPU core temperatures rose to about 90 degrees Celsius when running Systemload. Do you think I should buy a CPU cooler? Otherwise the temperatures have been around 50 degrees. Now that everything is working my next additions will be: New harddrive for dual boot Webcam (not sure which one yet) Install 120mm Fan CPU Cooler? Thanks again Zaap, TomCom, and Weaksauce12.
  4. Thanks again Zaap and TomCom! I am going to go with the Corsair PSU, but am still unsure about the case. I am between the Antec Three Hundred and the Coolermaster Elite 335. There is also this Coolermaster Centurion 5. Any suggestions? TomCom I know you mentioned using a better designed Coolermaster case. Would either of these be suitable? This is the last item I am debating. I can't wait to order everything and start my build!
  5. Thank you Zaap & TomCom!! I am going to go with the Q8400 especially now that its only $10 more and with the Encore wireless card. I am still unsure about the case and PSU. I am between these options: 1) Rosewill Combo or this combo 2) Corsair 400cx PSU + Rosewill case or Antec Case I realize the Antec case is a better quality case, but is it that much better than the Rosewill(It is $25 more, but has free shipping)? Also, the Corsair seems to have the 12V Connector. Zaap, I was also wondering if the computer you reccommended in the thread:$500 Complete Mac Clone Possible?, is powerful enough to run photoshop and Final Pro (will not be used that often for video-editing).
  6. I would like to build a hackintosh and have been following the forums lately. I never built a computer before and need advice picking the components. I am looking to build a computer running Leopard that I can use for video editing (Final Cut Pro & After Effects) and Photoshop. Also, I would like to include a HD TV tuner and a dual monitor set-up. I have been looking at monitors with built in HD tuners. I am not sure which way I should I go. I would like to stay within the $600-$750 price range (not including monitors). I am really unsure about the case. The ones I have been looking at have a built-in power supply, but it seems I should have good PSU. Should I buy a case and PSU separately? Another issue is I don't know what wireless card I should purchase. Also, if anyone has suggestions on a good monitor to purchase, please let me know Here are the components I have been looking at. I appreciate any feedback/advice. Motherboard: Gigabyte UD3P $110 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 $164.99 Graphics Card: 8600 GTS $30 RAM: OCZ Gold 8GB (4 2GB) DDR2 (or should I get 2 4GB kits) $93 HD: Western Digital 640GB SATA HDD $70 DVD: Samsung $27 Case: HEC case w/ 485 Power Supply $50 or Rosewill combo $80 Card reader: Rosewill Internal Card Reader $12 Wireless Card? (Should I just use a USB adapter?) Gigabyte PCI Wireless Adapter $17 TV Tuner: Difficulty finding one compatible with Mac that is reasonably priced