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  1. would you mind emailing me ? @ gmail.com ? thanks a ton - really appreciate your help.
  2. yes - I do still need some help. I've made 3 hackintosh's before and have never had this much trouble with a conversion. I'd be very happy to follow your guidance on this 690. Would love to be up and running.
  3. Hi there, I have followed your instructions very closely - but I'm having an issue. Here is my setup - maybe you can shed some light. - Precision 690 w/ 1x 1.6 ghz Xeon - 2 Graphics card alternatives (I don't believe this is the problem; tried both) 8400GS + Quadro FX I can install using a Uniboot (######) 10.7.3 or 10.7.0 flash drive - this goes smoothly every time. I'm going to skip to 10.7.3 experience since its almost identical to my 10.7.0 experience. Installed Uniboot 10.7.3. Install, reboot, use Uniboot to load Macintosh HD - machine boots fine. Install Chameleon - reboot, take out Uniboot - machine restarts automatically seconds after it begins the boot. I'm thinking this problem might have something to do with the SAS controller and its drivers - but I can't seem to get around it. I've installed your DSDT and your SAS file that you attached here. After doing that (and installing chameleon) machine goes into this "can't get 3 seconds past the boot process and auto-restarts). Every time. If I don't install chameleon, I can boot off the Uniboot as many times as I want. Thanks for any help.
  4. I am running an XPS 410 which is functioning incredibly stable. In fact, the only problem- at all that I am currently having is this: Netflix has never been able to play a DRM protected(which means any title) movie. Error is pictured. Other issues that I have worked around: - Ethernet onboard did not work at first, but now thanks to a .kext it now works great (and i think at gigabit speeds too) - Sound is not reliable with any driver, so i installed a usb sound card which worked OOB and was great. My En0 card is actually PCI but shows up "onboard" , my En3 device shows up not onboard, but is the one actually built in. I think the boot loader i installed convinced the system that my PCI card was onboard. Originally I thought this might solve the Netflix isssue, but it didn't. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone solved this?