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  1. Time changing between Leopard and XP

    Whoops, missed you yesterday! The program doesn't really have much customization. It will just set the internal clock to UTC on startup and set it to Local time on shut down. It apparently is just an installer for the instructions I quoted.
  2. Time changing between Leopard and XP

    @zarac Thanks! that worked! Very good little program. @MacUser2525 Since i'm doing this on a family computer I don't want to go mucking around with the main OS @Scottapotamas I've bookmarked that search so I can use it later, seems very useful!
  3. Time changing between Leopard and XP

    Okay may be bumping a bit soon but I also wanted to add in some more info. I unhid the sbin folder using this command defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE and placed/edited the files written in text edit. this didn't work, I think it's something to do the way I placed the /sbin/localtime-toggle file
  4. When I boot into leopard it changes the system clock to UTC so when I boot back into windows it's wrong. I found this (below) on the forums and wiki but im a real noob at this kind of thing. Can someone give me clear step by step intructions on what to do?
  5. Mac not booting - bad update

    Yeah I did back up the kexts with OSX86Tools but Ive gone ahead and reinstalledthe whole thing. Ill go and check out that tutorial on updating and see what I can achieve.
  6. I installed Leopard with kallyway on a external hard drive. It's been set up with drivers and works fine. Now I made Mac update but when it got to 11% it stayed on it for 2 hours. I restarted the computer thinking it hadn't got to far but unfortunately it had. Now when i try to boot to it it tells me to restart every time. I tried repairing the disk with the Kalyway boot-dvd but no help. Now I'm really regretting not setting up time-machine. is there anyway I can either repair the install or easily restore all my programs, drivers and settings to a new install?
  7. same here, how do you put in a password?
  8. mkdir() failed to create

    I'm having the exact same problems with installing Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd in VMware workstation 6.5.2 I managed to get to the aurora background and mac loading mouse once but now it ALWAYS gets stuck on 'mkdir failed to create library logs with error read-only file system'