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  1. i built a desktop just for OSX use. it is now my main computer and i cant stand to use windows at all anymore, been MAC for about 1 year and love it. i also set up my laptops for MAC and bought some old dell wireless cards that work out of the box as extreme cards. i was also running WOW on my mac desktop without any issues.
  2. did you guys try the manual boris method to install the 1600 and 1900? i have a sapphire 1600 that the installer wouldnt work on so i just did the manual edit and it works like a champ!
  3. my laptop has the 855gme and it doesnt support qe/ci. i cant use the osx dvd player but everything else runs fine. i mostly just use mail and firefox on it... my desktop has a x1600xt sapphire that i got for $100, qe and ci work perfect and i can game/dvds or whatever i want.
  4. World of Warcraft Major FPS Drop

    osx uses opengl which is much slower for gaming. also you are using onboard video which just compounds the problem. i have a x1600xt and wow runs fine in osx or windows with full settings.
  5. Worthless x1600

    got this card a month ago, used the goatsecx dvd cause the jas one gives me rebooting problems. the card had qe and ci after boot up. had alot of mouse tearing and artifacts so i did the manual boris method and it works great without any tearing or artifacts. been using it for a month now for dvds, WOW at full res, xvid, divx, all other things you can think of. oh and i got mine from new egg for 111.00usd if that means anything. -evil
  6. i did the goatsecx 10.4.6 install with the Jas 10.4.7 updated for intel on my laptop, knowing that my builtin wireless was NOT supported. toshiba A55-S326 uses the intel 2200 b/g chipset mini pci wireless card. after alot of searching i found out that the Broadcom 4309 a/b/g chipset works by just pluggin it in. the broadcom 4309s came in alot of Dells 1300lats and up and a few other brands i belive, $30us investment on ebay for a non headache experiance. just thought i would share this info in a specific post for people like me who suck at searching. -evil
  7. works perfect for the x800pro aswell. i also used the Callisto_b008 driver. i am able to set the resolution in the display settings tab full qe/ci!!! thanks for the great write up and the easy to follow instructions!!!