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  1. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    This would be an awesome tip if it wasn't for the fact that this is a Mac forum (insanelywindows is just two blocks from here) so no Nvidia control panel settings for us I'm afraid Thanks though for the heads-up mate, maybe Windows users will pick up on this.
  2. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    Great! thanks for your input mate!
  3. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    I have gotten word back from a Adobe Lightroom Engineer. It's a driver issue with a handful of older Intel and Nvidia graphic cards on the Mac, GTX760 included. I have upgraded to the GTX970 and got support back in latest updates of Lightroom and Camera RAW. Everything feels just a bit smoother too, especially the sliders in Lightroom, even compared to the GTX760 supported in LR 2015.0. So there you go, all Mac's are affected, not just us and the only way to fix this is by upgrading the GPU.
  4. Yup only GTX 760 seems to be affected. That is why I am looking to upgrade my system altogether. Mind you that our GPU is supported in Lightroom CC 2015.0 but not 2015.1 and later. I rolled back (uninstall via cloud and search for link to 2015.0) Other then this issue the card works great in osX and all other adobe apps. Since I use my hack on a professional basis and I am a cloud subscriber I need a solution or upgrade asap. I always thought an edit could be done to avoid the Lightroom startup check and for a minute there I thought Fljagd had the solution but it's only related to Premiere. Thanks though for your input mate! Maybe you can come up with something for the LR issue. Here's a screenshot from the Lightroom Contents folder.
  5. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    It most likely will since I haven't read any posts about issues with that card.
  6. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    Ah good to know, thanks for the heads-up mate! I am currently looking at the R9 390X. A few report it works OOTB so will probably try and return if no go. I know the GTX 970 has (or had) some issues with Photoshop crashing due to OpenCL and the 3,5GB VRAM issue. I also know the R9's will put out a lot more heat, noise and power then the Nvidia's but I'm willing to take that chance if it works OOTB. I might put on an aftermarket (liquid)cooler or a side fan in my R4 case to help out. I really like the 8GB VRAM (future proof) and overall better performance in OpenCL/GL with the ATI's. I rarely game anymore and 1080p already works for me so good to go there with just about any recent card. Even my current 760 does well at 1080p gaming (Alien isolation for instance) but it's the bloody GPU support in latest Lightroom that is lacking!!! Thanks again all for your input and hopefully I'll find a solution by the end of the year :/
  7. Snow

    New GPU advice!

    Yup my GTX 760 is natively supported. I have only one issue and that is with Lightroom CC v2015.1 and v2015.2 not supporting my GPU (opengl failure) so keep that in mind if you want to run Lightroom. Other then that the 760 runs great in 1080p retina (4k) for work and 1080p for gaming. Have fun with whatever you buy!
  8. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    Probably but I'm not giving up just yet. Hey you mentioned only issues for Nvidia, are you certain ATI's are not affected on hacks?
  9. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    Well I thought the 970 worked fine but those who tested might have used the base version, not 2015.1 or 2015.2 No more replies from Adobe, probably too complicated issue for them so they just ignore us.
  10. Snow

    Lightroom CC OpenGL Support Failed

    Update: the base version of CC 2015 does have GPU support so until they fix the latest version (2015.1 and 2015.2) I will be using this one. A world of difference in GUI (zooming, panning and sliders in Develop mode) So it's not the Nvidia drivers because I've tested this on the same OS (El Capitan) with the same Nvidia drivers (latest) https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-downloads.html(Lightroom 6 has both versions, 6 and CC) I am in contact with an Adobe Engineer so hope for a quick solution. They might wonder about my specs but the current iMacs are just not powerful enough to support 5K and the spec'd out iMac is too noisy, according to online reviews anyway. Not to mention not upgradeable.
  11. Macrumors forum post #704 Post #703 lists bug for notes and activity monitor where they do not bring the window back up when clicking on minimised app http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/bug-finder-not-remembering-its-position.1924508/#post-22013093 Reminds me of those buggy game releases.
  12. Alright mate. Also, I just checked in Yosemite and Finder should remember where you left off. So for instance when you browse a drive in Finder and then close the window, then open Finder again and select the same drive it shows where you left off (scroll position) Finder in El Capitan does not. Maybe this was their intention but if not it's a pretty big bug to miss like you mentioned. Overall the OS feels smooth though so I would like to use the Yosemite drive for caches and scratch but not until I am certain this is a bug or just on our end. I trust your word but will keep Yosemite available a little while longer just to make sure. Thanks for your input. I'll keep you updated, hope you'll do the same.
  13. ok, and we're talking about the exact same bug right, when you use the back button in Finder it jumps to the top of the parent directory? I also think Finder now forgets where you left off when closing/opening windows, have to check that in Yosemite.
  14. Like you I want to buy an imac but for me it's the slow performance on the 5k screens (lightroom, etc...) and more importantly the noise that people are reporting with the spec'd out imac (i7 and R9 295) My system is almost dead silent and since the imac is not customisable I would be stuck with a noisy rig with slow graphic performance, not a risk I am willing to take for 3,5k. Are you sure though it's not just us with the Finder issue? Did you do a clean install? I can't remember if Finder acted like this before I migrated my settings from Yosemite drive.
  15. If this is a bug in El Capitan then I am surprised there aren't more people reporting about this. Maybe most people use column view.