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  1. today, i was downloading the new driver for my 260gtx for win 7 and i found that they actually have the option of selecting drivers for 10.6.4 SL is it safe to install that driver? currently everything is fine and working with efi string, just a bit slower than windows in performance in wow, should i update driver?
  2. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    i have a weird problem w/ my machine... when i fresh install, the airport card worked and all,,,, after i apply the extra folder... or the extention.kext file, it works first time i restart it.. but after that it just stops working... is there any way to fix it? or anyone has same problems?
  3. Dell Inspiron 1545 / Snow Leopard

    you need to find out exactly what hardware you have....and go from there
  4. thx~~! i'l probably go w/ that.... tho, i am quite new to osx, efi string/dsdt im not too familiar w/...yet
  5. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................... i doubt many would reply to this, since no one is supposedly your servant here and will search for you.... even w/ the same model there would be variations in hardwares which are optional and depends on which ones you get, they might, or might not work w/ osx, and that, will complicate the problem a lot..... just go read the YES hardware list and pick a comp w/ those hardware and go from there
  6. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    are those files all 64bit?
  7. you should try 10.5 b4 attacking 10.6, if you cant even get one of those hackie disk installed there is no way you can get the retail disk to work. 64bit complicates a lot along the line w/ 64bit supported drivers
  8. anyone get this working on xps 420 yet?

    waiting on root device might caused by HDD and or chipset driver
  9. so correct me if i am wrong, the 32bit boot wouldnt effect on the out of the box 64bit app such as Finder/quicktime X, and i can stick w/ the drivers i have and run on 32bit until the re-written 64bit one comes out...
  10. like the title...since snow is a 64bit........dont we need new driver?
  11. OSX and Ndiswrapper

    this would be an excellent project indeed....
  12. NDISwrapper for Mac?

    wouldnt this be lovely ...... -,-i have an atheros usb wireless that i cant get to work..otherwise id be on mac right now instead of windows....
  13. anything for AR2414 usb?

  14. anything for AR2414 usb?

    anything for AR2414 usb?. been searching..looking..tired many things..did not seem to work
  15. nvm problem fix, supposed to use ICH10 chipset tho now i have another problem w/ booting, it gets stuck on the network config