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  1. No need to burn 9A466 at all

    well, I saw like 10 ppl asking the same question "how can I burn it" I was like... why burn it... everyone should have known the external drive thingy...
  2. No need to burn 9A466 at all

    OK done, but they can't get to me cuz I'm not in the US
  3. No need to burn 9A466 at all

    Sorry, just saw too many ppl asking around on "how to burn it" in different threads...
  4. Hey guys, I just D/Led a 9A466 DMG and wondered how I could enjoy it. Later on my Macbook, I used the diskutil to restore the DMG to a USB HDD (A 3.5" HDD hooked up to my Macbook via SATA-USB converter, cheap and handy device). After done, I restarted the mac and held the Option key. It brought up the bootable device list and my USB HDD was listed there. Then, the setup program worked fine. I erased my 10G WinXP volumn on my mac to fit Leopard (unchecked Printer drivers and X11 etc). When setup was done, I restarted my mac and held Option, to choose the partition with the newly installed Leopard - and it worked. Everything worked fine. Later I had some fun moving the installed Leopard to my USB HDD and it still worked. I erased the whole HDD into one huge HFS partition, restored the 10G volume of Leopard to the USB HDD, and tried booting from it - it still worked, and amazingly it worked very smoothly as a local drive. To delete the 10G Leopard volumn, I had to first erase it to MS-DOS format, and then used Boot Camp to resize my Tiger volume to the max size - if you don't erase to DOS first, Boot Camp will refuse to work. So guys, if you have 1 spare HDD, maybe it's just a lot easier to make it work - and you can even carry it to your friends' home to show it off
  5. Leopard image not bootabel

    Restore it to a USB HDD and install. It's painless and doesn't require a spendy DVD-DL.
  6. Frustrated with Leopard

    Why burning it to a disc? You can simply restore the DMG to a USB HDD and then boot from it to start the installation program.
  7. Here comes my screenshot... Oops, upload doesn't work... using my own server then.
  8. InsanelyHacked!

    Let the spams come! I have *ahem* Windows firewalls to protect myself! (God bless me...)
  9. Sorry to bother, JaS, but I'm getting an error message "error 32512 running /usr/libexec/oah/oah750 -prebindOAH" when executing the command "sudo update_prebinding -root / -force" in my terminal. Now I don't dare to reboot cuz I'm afraid this error may lead to my Hackintosh dead and reinstall will be needed. Could you help me on this? Thanks very much. Now I have very little free space on my Apple system partition (300MB+).