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  1. voodooHDA's Problem on VIA VT1802p

    Hi kavenliang, I know this thread is a bit old but I really need to know if your soundcard works correctly. In particular, does the headphone jack work after sleep mode? On Linux it doesn't but it might be related to the firmware of the soundcard so if the problem has been fixed on VoodooHDA we could use the same fix for Linux. Please give me good news. Thanks in advance. PS: just saw your signature. I seriously hope it is just outdated...
  2. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Hi kike09, I'm really afraid I can't help anyone anymore... Now I own a Asus 1201N... Sorry mate!
  3. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    GOOD! To know that this guide has effectively helped someone! Thanks again to GPrince to have been the best support for the Snow guide!
  4. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    (UP) - Well could be a hardware problem! I believe the white screen appears because of a temperature problem. Could be a system overheat which causes the turning off of the CPU and, eventually, a white screen. Why don't you try to monitor CPU temperature in the meanwhile? PS: I would like to know if someone has got a FULLY WORKING OSX on a HP 550. And if has been found any improvements I'd be glad to put it into the first post Oh and by the way: if you need help I haven't escaped yet!
  5. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Ehi gidi I sent you a pm but you did not reply...I'd like to try your solution for the fan problem....contact me as soon as you can!
  6. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    I think this is not possible with Chameleon 1...I don't know if it's possible with Chameleon 2 but I'm pretty sure to have read that is not possible to change chameleon 1 boot parameters Anyway you could just erase Leopard and leave only Snow if it runs without problems...
  7. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    I don't really know a similar software on Mac...But it's very strange that you don't experience my same problem because you also have a Celeron! :censored2: So I was wondering if there is something else that change between your HP and mine...Anyway did you follow the guide step by step or did you change something (even few settings) during or after the installation? Thanks for your help!!
  8. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Hi Roswell! Glad the guide has worked for you But maybe even if you don't know yet, you have got our same temperature problem! Please could you check your fan speed and your temperature and eventually post a Everest Log (in Windows). This could be very useful if you don't experience this problem! Thanks in advance! EDIT: Could you even say what kind of installation you used? The "hacked" (iPC, ideneb etc.) or a "retail" (official Apple Mac OSX discs)? Thanks!
  9. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    @smilenkovski: Pay attention to your temperatures! They are too high like mines! I think that you have our same fan problem... PLEASE TO ANYONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCED THE FAN PROBLEM: POST A EVEREST LOG HERE (just the basic data: cpu, mainboard, ram, video card, chipset and so on) AND HIS AppleACPIPlatform.kext AND IOACPIFamily.kext (and DSDT if patched) IF YOU HAVE A CELERON M CPU (530, 550 and so on) PLEASE DO THE SAME THING! THANKS IN ADVANCE! If we collaborate we could find a solution! @dakku: Thanks for the kexts I'll add them to the guide! @Gidi: It's strange that my notebook's fan doesn't work even if it's AC connected! It does something like this: for 2 minutes it doesn't even spin! Then it spins for 5 seconds at maximum speed...Then it comes back to the original speed (near to 0) and so the cpu overheats each time the fan doesn't work! EDIT: I've updated the guide. I divided it into 2 posts to avoid confusion And some text-formatting...
  10. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    No it would be a secondary notebook But I remember my Asus eee 700....It was pretty fast and it mounted a 900 Mhz Celeron M ULV! EDIT: Someone please could make a post with all the kexts/dsdts attached to get Leopard and Snow Retail working? Thanks! @gnappoman: Could you post here your AppleACPIPlatform.Kext, IOACPIFamily.kext and other power-related kexts that you use please? Thanks in advance! I'd like to have a last chance... XD
  11. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Aarrghhh! A macbook pro worse than a HP550?? XD Anyway what do you mean "thanks to this topic"? Are you using some patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext?
  12. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Ehehe thanks for the advice Se cambiare è meglio, è meglio cambiare! It's true! Well I'll try to buy one of them...I found something at 30€ shipping included... But I'm going to New York this Christmas so I hope I can find a special offer on some netbook or macbook! (I read Dell mini 10v is fully compatible with Mac OSX and its price is 230$/160€ while the Macbook that here costs 949€/1376$ in USA is for 899$/620€! That's incredible!) How do you feel the fan? Is it working good with this new CPU? And what about sleep and other things like this? Thanks a lot!
  13. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    But if I change the CPU are you sure I'm going to get working Mac OSX? Because this is my only aim, the Celeron is a nice processor even if isn't dual core. And it doesn't "suck" the battery off! So how are you going with the T2080? Is Battery life the same? Little OT: I found that in 9.04 Ubuntu there is a battery life meter that shows the current and the original capacity! Mine was 39.2Wh now is 39.0! So it's just Mac OSX that makes my battery a useless piece of Lithium! XD
  14. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Maybe because it's for Leopard Anyway it doesn't work smoothly...I gave up...I put on Ubuntu 9.04 with a lot of OSX graphical and functional features...Even if it's not a real Mac it gives me some satisfaction... :S I can't believe it... I can't believe my system was PERFECT but for that stupid fan!! To avoid going crazy I abandoned the project...I'm sorry...But I'll keep visiting this topic to upgrade the first post
  15. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Mmm I think the fan is working but Leo is a little bit hotter than Windows! Anyway the kext is not the most stable...but at least it works! @dakku: I wouldn't like to mess up everything now that I solved any problem. But be sure I'll try a retail version as soon I can make a backup of the entire Leo partition