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  1. Still waiting on a reply about the USB3 ports working correctly? Has anyone gotten them working properly in the last year or so? Currently mine will only work with USB fkash drives, but that's flakey at best. Still no support for USB midi interfaces or sound cards etc. Also HDMI? Still waiting on a reply about the USB3 ports working correctly? Has anyone gotten them working properly in the last year or so? Currently mine will only work with USB fkash drives, but that's flakey at best. Still no support for USB midi interfaces or sound cards etc. Also HDMI?
  2. Hey everyone! I used to be a contributing member to this thread about a year ago. So cool to see its still going! I'm wondering if anyone ever figured out how to get the USB3 ports running properly? Currently Mine will work but only for flash drives and some hard drives (though its a bit flakey), doesn't work for things like USB sound cards or MIDI interfaces which I would really like it to. Also did anyone ever get Optimus working at all? I don't really care too much but it would be cool if it did. Oh also, anyone get the HDMI port to work too?
  3. @Zulqar - How would I go about adding my device id's to AGPM to fix graphics glitches?
  4. @darren_cox - Did you get sleep working with the newest bios? Or did you have to revert to the old bios to get it working?
  5. So what exactly are the drawbacks of going to 10.7.4 at the moment? I've read here that it seems like you need to boot with -v or UseKernelCache=No? Don't really want to do that, but might be able to live with it if it fixes my USB3! Right now my USB3 ports are working with portable storage devices, at least unpowered ones anyway, but not Midi devices, and not my iPhone =( Can anyone confirm that they have the USB3 ports working with Midi devices, especially powered ones? And good work Doix for releasing the new package with what looks like lots of new fixes and features =D
  6. Random question, and one that people here may not know. But does anyone know if the 10.7.4 update fixes the 'cursor disappearing when going from one monitor to another' bug? I only notice it on my desktop, which I dont really want to bother updating as I dont see many features of 10.7.4 that interest me. Although if that fix is one of the features then I may consider updating =)
  7. @ Doix- So I tried the latest ###### USB 3 kext, and it sort of helped, in that it appears that my Verbatim flash drive is working now corretly. But still no iPhone or midi devices, which was what really hoping to get working.. Have you tried midi devices with your setup? I'm wondering if there is anything in your SSDT tables that you suspect are helping to make your USB3 work correctly, that I need to integrate to my SSDT tables? Do you think you could try to integrate the required information into the SSDT tables for the i5 2410m which I have uploaded here previously? Or if you could just advise me or post here what you have added? Would be greatly appreciated =) The USB 3 issues are basically the last thing that I need to fix with my setup to get it running more-or-less, perfectly.. Also there's the very occasional graphics glitches, what did you do to eliminate yours? Care to post a guide or something similar? I have the full hd monitor and the GT 540m.
  8. @Doix - So did you decide that the new DSDT mods would not affect the USB3 issues? You still seem to be having better luck than me with it. Like I said, I can get devices to be recognized, apart from the iPhone, but they are not useable and they also randomly disconnect after a short time... Could you post the dsdt anyways so I can test if it helps with the issue? Cheers =)
  9. @Doix - Regarding the USB3 ports, I would love to know what you did to get them working! Mine are still flaky at best. I've tried everything I can think of including different usb3 kexts and updating the usb3 firmware through windows. Still no good. The best I can seem to get out of them is for unpowered devices like flash drives are recognized but then disconnect randomly. Powered devices such as my iPhone aren't recognized at all.. If you could post an updated dsdt with the new mods you have made I could try that to see if that helps. Then if it doesn't it would seem that maybe 10.7.4 is the reason? Your help and continued efforts are greatly appreciated as always =)
  10. Sorry. Scratch that, you do need the org.chameleon.boot.plist! and it goes in the /Extra folder. Also the SSDT's should go in that folder too, they got copied to the root folder in one of DoiX's revisions by mistake, they should go in /Extra. Delete them from the root directory..
  11. Not sure what yiu're trying to do there Maxey? Why are you trying to do it install Chimera manually? Why not just download the latest [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and install chimera from there. It will copy all the files to the required locations for you. Also the chameleon.boot.plist is not required, it's only for the Chameleon boot loader, not Chimera.. Glad the fixmbr command worked for you! It took me a while to figure out what to do when it happened to me!
  12. @ Maxey - So the Iatkos DVD definitely worked before you started having issues? And you have tried reburning the DVD of course? What about other revisions of iAtkos, can you boot to those? Or even a SL DVD? If you cant boot to any of those then it sounds like a MBR issue like what I was having. Have you run the fixmbr command from recovery console? Look here: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/bootcons_fixmbr.mspx?mfr=true
  13. @Maxey - Could be a number of things, most likely as DoiX suggested, your kext cache is corrupted, you can rebuild it by manually deleting the kext cache file from S/L/Caches. Also I had a similar problem of not being able to boot the iatkos DVD at one stage, after a crash. It was the same as you describe where it woukd just hang after pressing a key to boot from the iatkos dvd. Turned out that somehow my MBR got corrupted and I had to repair it through the windows 7 cd. Probably not the same issue you are experiencing but you never know..
  14. Hello everyone, its been a little while, good to see lots of activity here still :wink2: For anyone who is interested, I have come up with a solution/workaround for the audio delay or 'lag' that is present on almost all MacBookPro's. You will notice this if you have no sound playing for more than 30 seconds, then press one of the volume buttons. You will notice a delay between pressing, and hearing the sound. This is due to a 'feature' introduced by Apple, which automatically turns off/disables the sound device while it is idle, supposedly to save battery. For me, this delay is quite annoying and make the experience of using OSX less pleasurable than with having the sound occur instantly, for example when trying to enter a key in an app that doesn't accept it. So, I came up with a solution Basically it involves using a program called 'antipop' which I did not develop, which is able to keep the sound device alive by sending a 'silent sound' to the sound device every 10 seconds. Very simple, and is very effective. However, due to the nature of 'antipop' it also breaks the systems ability to go to sleep automatically (as there is activity in the background which is preventing it). So, to workaround that I have utillized another very clever and useful program called 'sleepwatcher' to disable antipop before sleeping, to allow the system to go to sleep, then to reload it upon waking up. This works very effectively and allows the system to sleep and to wake naturally, whilst still keeping antipop running when you need it to I have attached a zip file with step-by-step instructions included to install and configure both apps to perform this function. Simply unzip to the desktop, open the Installations.rtf document, and copy and paste the commands into terminal one-by-one. Enjoy! https://rapidshare.com/files/2168688669/delayfix.zip
  15. Well, the popping sound is not actually what annoys me, it is the lag that occurs after the sound card awakes from its idle state, causing a delay between the action and the resulting sound occurring. The popping sound doesn't really bother me. If you read on the link I provided you will see that it is caused by an introduction to the sound card drivers where the sound card will 'sleep' when not it use. This did not happen with older versions of osx from before 10.5.6. So there must be a way to remove it. I will try to fix the brightness too, but for me at least, the sound lag is more annoying. That is just my personal opinion and there is no point arguing about that.. I prefer to use a legacy kext or inject the pin configurations via dsdt than to use a fully patched applehda, so the file you posted is not of much use, although I will give it a try just to see anyway =)