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    Dell Precision M4400 Installation Guide

    Bumping this in the hopes that someone has dealt with the touchpad issues. Based on what I've seen in the forum, nobody has solved the shutdown problem on this model. Anyone?
  2. Hey all. I've been mostly successful installing this, with 3 major glitches. - Can't get wireless working. Update: It works! See below. - Graphics support causes inability to shutdown/restart. - Touchpad isn't functional. I'm going to post a guide here that will evolve as people submit suggestions. I'm going to keep reinstalling till I get this completely right, and post improvements to my procedure as they come along. So to reiterate, this install guide is not complete -- but I'm hoping it will be after some modification. -------------------- Specs http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/produ...00_brochure.pdf Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Intel Core 2 Duo PM45, 2.53GHz 8GB DDR2 800MHz SDRAM NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M 512MB (equivalent to GeForce 9600M GT) Intel 82657 Ethernet Dell 1397 802.11g Wireless Mini Card Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth OSX86 Distribution iDeneb v1.4 (OSX 10.5.6) Installation After erasing the disk (this procedure assumes single-boot), customize the iDeneb distro to install: Chipset: ICHx Fixed Sound: IDT HDA Ethernet: Intel 82656 Fix: Battery/Power Management Utility Post-Install Everything thus far should work out of the box: ethernet, dual cores detected, all RAM detected, battery/power management, and sound. You should also be able to shut down, restart the computer without any glitches. Here's where things get hairy. Graphics Install NVIDIA_9000_Series_Driver_v2.zip found here: http://www.onetimesales.com/drivers/macosx/video/. You should be able to reboot after this with no issues. However, the NVIDIA drivers alone won't cut it. The only thing I installed that could get Graphics Accel working was NVDarwin 1.2.3 (from the same site as above). However, after installing this I cannot fully shutdown or reboot -- I must hold down the power button. Your graphic card should be fully functional, however. Keep in mind you'll be able to reboot one last time before the drivers take effect, so don't get your hopes up. I attempted the PowerOff_bug_fix.kext patch, however this didn't solve the problem. I'll figure something out, I hope. I'll try out some alternative procedures for installing graphics support, starting with this one: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t136309.html Note: If you get a screen flicker, try sleeping the display. This can be done by enabling hotspots in your screensaver settings; check the box to sleep the display upon rolling over one of the corners of the screen. After the display is slept once, you shouldn't get a screen flicker anymore. Wireless Internet You can get Wireless Internet simply by running bcm43xx_enabler.sh found in many places. I've attached it to this post. Simply run: sudo bcm43xx_enabler.sh After running the script, reboot and you should have AirPort working correctly. Touchpad I have the same problem as others -- the touchpad goes CRAZY upon contact. I tried installing this glidepad driver: http://www.onetimesales.com/drivers/macosx..._Driver.pkg.zip with no success. What happened was that the cursor only moved in one direction (and very slowly) no matter how I was directing it. Funny thing is, when I loaded my BIOS utility after installing the driver, the touchpad worked perfectly there. Suggestions are welcome -- I can go without a touchpad, but I'd sure prefer to have one. Untested Bluetooth and the SD reader remain untested. I never use either, but if there's a way to get them working without causing a panic or hurting my ability to shutdown/restart, please let me know. ------------------ I'll have improvements to this later. Happy hacking. bcm43xx_enabler_0.5.3.sh.zip