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  1. cant figure out how to fix this issue. like title says it freezes until i eject it. i got it to show up as an airport card, but it just freezes. thanks for any input
  2. Ralink RT2500 chipset PCI beta driver

    not sure what chipset my belkin f5d7010 is, but im having the freezing issue as soon as i put it in, but stops when i remove it?? any ideas??? thanks
  3. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Tiger

    well i just tied 10.4.6 and i get the same thing ethernet work now though still freezes
  4. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Tiger

    im trying to get my Belkin 5d7010 ver.4100 to work, Ive done countless kext/plist swaps ect. ive got it to where when i plug it in it shows an unknown card, up in the bar, but also the airport thing to the right of it, and it shows airport card in my settings, but when i try to set it up, or click on the bar icon, the light on my card will light up, and the computer will just freeze, untill i take the card out, then its fine again. i think im getting close here, so any help would be great
  5. What network cards work?

    i have a belkin 54g and i finally got it recognised as airport, but when i click on the menu bar icon the light comes on on my car, but then my computer freezes until i eject my card again? any help.....anyone. thanks