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  1. HOWTO: Intel DP965LT and others

    Thank you Very much!
  2. 1st, selects Show hidden and system files, then according to relaunch finder. (Or directly changes to folder) 2nd, leaves the installer copy FinalCutStudio.mpkg and the Packages folder. 3rd, displays a FinalCutStudio.mpkg package of content. 4th, edits FinalCutStudio.dist with the text editor Found function isNotDowngrade() { var action = my.choice.packageUpgradeAction; if( (action == 'downgrade') || (action == 'mixed') ) { my.choice.tooltip = system.localizedStringWithFormat('TT_NEWERALREADYINSTALLED'); return false; } return true; } The content, deletes this part. Then save. 5th, then installs with FinalCutStudio.mpkg, completely passes. FinalCutStudio.dist.zip the end! The picture installs the file size to be different, was looks for in the method first to install a part to create.
  3. Safari303Beta.dmg 使用10.5官方的本地化制作 Browser.nib FindBanner.nib 没有替换。 身边没有 苹果那个软件。也懒的改,这样就很完美了。 zh_CN.lproj.zip zh_CN.lproj.zip 有些小问题,右键菜单没有汉化! zh_CN.lproj.zip