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  1. [Half-solved] Dell N7110 aka Inspiron 17R

    Hi I didn't get any of my video card working I'm booting whit GraphicsEnabler=No and I Deleted all Graphics kexts in S\L\E My SMBios is MacPro8,3 -- I see the screen but i cant change resolution I still looking how to solve this problem
  2. [Half-solved] Dell N7110 aka Inspiron 17R

    Hi Here is my DSDT from A11 BIOS No errors hope it's helps dsdt n7110 A11 patched.rar
  3. [HELP] DSDT for Dell Inspirotn 17R (N7110) i7

    Hi Here is my dsdt for N7110 a11 whit i7 hope it's help you. Hi Here is my dsdt for N7110 a11 whit i7 hope it's help you. If you make this cmputer work pleas tell me how dsdt n7110 A11 patched.rar
  4. Hi I have a problem I bought new laptop dell N7110 with I7 and i wish to install Lion but i can't find a dsdt that work for me, my bios is A11 I've trying to patch it whit DSDT Editor but no luck maybe some one can patch it for me, or tell me what shell i do to make it work. pleas help me thanks
  5. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    hi I've tried many ways to make my gigabyte at hd4850 (same model as yours) work but i still have no luck whit it. when i start snow leopard i get white screen and nothing happens. tell me which motherboard do you have? my is p5q deluxe whit mod bios 2201 for mac whit silk2.1? what shell i do to make it work? maybe change it to gigabyte geforce 9600 (model N96TSL1GI)? please help me!!!!
  6. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    hi which video card is the best for hackintosh? 1.Sparkle Geforce 9800GT, 1GB DDR3, 256 bit, Dual DVI, Retail (model SP98T1GB) 2.Gigabyte Geforce 9600 GT, 1GB 256Bit GDDR3, VGA, DVI, HDMI, PCI Express 2.0, Passive Cooling, Retail (model N96TSL1GI) and why? p.s. the purpose is run snow leopard on asus p5q deluxe motherboard. i hope some one answer me soon. thanks :-)
  7. so did you install snow leopard? if yes how is this video card of ours dos he work properly or not?
  8. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    where can i find it? what shell i change in there? where can i get efi strings for gigabyte ati hd4850 1gb video card?
  9. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    i don't know for sure that this is a problem i only gassing. but how can i use a efi string before i install the program?
  10. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    thanks for your responds but i steel can't install the snow leopard. in start screen i choose a 'installation' partition my computer starting boot up and after a wile i see a white screen and nothing happens. but when i start in -v mode in the end i get's a black screen whit a lots of whit squares. i have a gigabyte ati hd 4850 1gb video card may be that is the problem if yes how can i dell whit it? please help!!!
  11. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    i'm sorry i new in this and there's a lot that i don't understand. for example when you say 'Now install Chameleon RC3 to the drive.' There's no installation present only binary so how can i install it. and which partition i need to install it is that where i should install snow leopard or maybe it's a partition where i restore the installation? 2. you saying Modify the smbios.plist and Replace the SMUUID with this Universal Unique Identifier. i can't find this 'SMUUID' in this file so which no. i have to change? 3. Right Click PlatformUUID.kext, Click show Package Contents then go to contents and open info.plist Substitute the Universal Unique Identifier for PlatformUUID. what should i do, change all the no. or only thous that under the title 'PlatformUUID'? 4.how i supposed 'select the Chameleon RC3 installed drive' by pressing any key and get to the manu? 5. where i should install the snow leopard in the same folder where i put Chameleon RC3 or some one else? like i'm sad i new in thous thinks so i will be glade to receive all the help i can get!!!! please help me!!!!
  12. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    which parameters do you choose to install ipc 10.5.6? i can't make it work please help!!!!
  13. Retail OSX 10.6 on P5Q Deluxe/Others

    hi. good work. i'm new in this, so can you tell me please where i install Chameleon RC3 in which drive 'snow leopard' or where my 'leopard' installed? p.s. like you know there's no installation available only binary or source.
  14. Modified Bios for Asus P5Q Deluxe

    is this bios support gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 4850 1gb in snow leopard?