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  1. Factionrider

    NVMe native support in 10.13 :)

    So many people to reply to quoting doesn't make sense on mobile. Ncoden: No idea about MBA. The newest Mac laptop I have is from 2012 and has no mpcie or m2 slot at all. Though, I would be willing to bet that like the Mac Pro it would require an efi update to the logic board. Kris: I have not tested, but I would be shocked if it booted without an EFI patch to the motherboard. The boot loader runs entirely in the systems EFI and that would require a patch as far as I know. I would test but all my current projects are on that disk. Maybe when I do a fresh instal of the public release of High Sierra I'll try that drive.
  2. Factionrider

    NVMe native support in 10.13 :)

    Just checked the release notes. No mention of SSDs or NVMe. This was the biggest reason I installed, I rely on pikes kext and wanted to see if it still worked.
  3. While not exactly a hackintosh, I'm running a 2009 4.1 Mac Pro flashed to 5.1. NVMe drives seem to be supported natively now. Previously I had to use pikemanalpha's script to generate a custom kext in 10.12. This beta sees both my AHCI Samsung 951 and my NVMe version as well.
  4. Factionrider

    Installer freezes

    I'm having the same problem with the same install disk. Nforce3 MSI K8neoPlatinum Motherboard AGP 6600GT 1.5g ram AMD 64 3400+