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  1. Virtual sound card

    Finally! You have made my day! I found out I´d try a "rm -r *Audio*", which removed about 5-10 kexts. I then downloaded IOAudioFamily.kext from some this forum somewhere. soundflower.kext now actually loads without problems! OS X thinkgs I have both output and input, so I can now use sound dependant (word?) programs without problems. Bubble Trouble works like a charm Once again, thank you for the help!
  2. Virtual sound card

    Hmm, maybe thats a thing to try. I havent removed any kexts until now, and Im not really sure exactly which kexts to remove. Are they all called something with "audio"?
  3. Virtual sound card

    Well, doesnt seem like this works either. Loading soundflower.kext gives the error kextload: extension Soundflower.kext/ appears to be valid 23Soundflower_AudioEngine is not compatible with its superclass, 13IOAudioEngine superclass changed? kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension Soundflower.kext/ load failed for extension Soundflower.kext/ I see that other people have had this problem as well, and they have not been able to sort it out. Seems like SoundFlower needs a real soundcard to be working as well.
  4. Virtual sound card

    Thank you so much! I will try this when I get home from school today To you other guys: you didnt understand my point; no one has been able to get the sound card I have to work. The wiki says there are no possible solutions, and so does this thread (just look for Sigmatel 9200). That is why I need to trick os x into thinking I have a soundcard, so I at least will be able to run apps that require sound. I do not care about the sound itself, I just want to play Bubble Trouble
  5. Virtual sound card

    Yep, tried most of the guides here, for about 10 different sound cards I dont think there is any real solution to getting this soundcard to work yet, thats why I am asking for a way to trick OS X into believing I have a soundcard. That way, I will at least be able to run apps who _requires_ sound to be ran.
  6. Virtual sound card

    Are there really no posibility to do it like this? I have tried a bit more, been following some more guides, but it still wont work. All I ask for is a yes or a no; are there no posibilities to do it like this?
  7. Virtual sound card

    Hello! I have just managed to install OS X 10.4.7 on my Dell 9400, after having about every error you can have, and reinstalling about 15 times. I now have wired lan working, 1920x1200, and no errors booting I know there have been a lot of trouble with sound cards on Dell 9400. It has a Sigmatel STAC9750 according to the wiki, but I cant confirm this, because I cant find any info about it anywhere. Anyway; the wiki says it is not working, so I guess thats how it is. My question is this: is there anyway to "trick" OS X into believing there is a sound card installed? I recon it would work the same way daemon-tools works in windows; by creating a virtual device. I have tried to find this by myself, but with no luck whatsoever. The reason I want this is because I have some apps that just wont work because there is no sound output. For example; Bubble Trouble, which some ppl have listed as working, will not work without a "working" soundcard. It need a sound output. Have anyone ever heard of this? I have found solutions for Windows, but not for OS X. If it exists, I would really appreciate it if anyone pointed me to the right place Sincerely B3nd1k