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    Interested in building computers.
    i enjoy the hard wear side of things. and have using water-cooled systems for the last ten years
  1. XFX Radeon HD 6870 2GB GDDR5 low score at Cinebench

    my cinebench score COMMENT=Results provided are typical, although not derived from specific testing procedures. COMMENT= CORES=4 LOGICALCORES=2 MHZ=4206.000000 PROCESSOR=Intel Core i7 CPU 950 OPENGLVENDOR=ATI Technologies Inc. OPENGLCARD=ATI Radeon Barts XT Prototype OpenGL Engine OPENGLVERSION=2.1 ATI-7.18.11 CBTYPE=64 BIT OSVERSION=OS X 10.7.3 CBCPU1=0.000000 CBCPUX=0.000000 CBOPENGL=51.630432 CBOPENGLQUALITY=99.307182 C4DINFO= C4DVERSION=11.529 C4DBUILDID=CB25720demo
  2. 10.7.3. is OUT !

    Updates went well. just reinstalled 3 kexts with kext wizard. (EvO boot kext. Apple RTC.kext Apple HDA.
  3. What am I doing wrong with Lion and XFX 5770 video Card

    try booting AtiConfig=Vervet( just as I've typed it i think its a frame buffer thing)
  4. ALC882 Snow Leopard Drivers

    HI YA. thanks very mutch for this sound kext. works great with my Asus p5w DH Deluxe. running snow leopard