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  1. Hi there, I've just followed the guide, but I still have the same problem after the instalation when I boot: Boot0 MBR Boot0 done Boot1 error This is a picture of the diskutility http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/8623/dsc00538x.jpg Can anyone tell me if the disk where the partition is is the number 0 and the MACOSX partition is the number 1. 'Cause this is how I configured it, and I'm not sure it's correct. Thanks =) You must write "fdisk(space)-e(space)/dev/rdisk0" <- replace 0 if necessary before you write the command p
  2. em... that link is dead. Any mirror to the "callisto" app? I also have the 9100 card, and I'm trying to get it to work propperly
  3. Hi. I have just discovered that some people have flashed their graphic cards to get it to work on mac!! I read that that the one I have (ATI Radeon Family 9100) is well supported after flashing. (I said WTF? that's great!) So I downloaded the winflash2017 aplication to do that. I ran the exe and It recognised my card (runing on windows, obiusly). Buut, I haven't got the firmware to flash it. I could load the image to my device if I had it, but I don't even know which firm should I use. I think that the 8500 would be functional, but I'm not sure, and I don't wanna have a buch on unusefull circuits. The main problem is that the MAC OX 10.5.6. recognizes it as an 8500 and when I try to install a specific program, it says that I have 0 VRAM and that 64 MB are required (but I have exactly 64 Mb!). And appart from fixing this issue, I'd like to find a way to enable some kind of hardware aceleration, 'cause I find some elements of the sistem a bit slower than in Tiger (for example the Dock). Thanks for any suggestion ^^
  4. Hi. I recently realized that there are no specific drivers for rt61 based wireless cards on mac, only for PPC's (here's the driver page). I also read on the wiki source, that editing the io80211family.kext users could get their wireless decives to work. Well, at least, they will be recognised as an airport device, that we could configure (at least that was what I understood). So, I was wondering that someone could help me to fix this issue, by using this or any other methot. By the way, I'm using Leo 10.5.6.
  5. Ralink RT61 mac driver development effort

    Hey man, how does it goes?
  6. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    I've been thinking, and the bootloader only recognizes linux boot file, so we may could be able to make a kind of GRUB which starts up the MAC OS.
  7. P4TDP (new) almost working 100% with Leo !

    RT2561 drivers are not for intel, just for PPCs.
  8. Help choosing chipset driver.

    The driver necesary for a propper instalation is the ICHx fix.
  9. Custom options for 10.5.6 ver

    Just have to choose the ICHx fix and it will works
  10. iDeneb 10.5.6

    emm... I think that the 1.6.0 ver is MAC OS 10.5.8)... Anyway, right now I got to install Leopard 10.5.6 from ideneb, and it goes perfect, except for the wireless card (RT61), that only has PPC drivers [WTF?? -I said- after all my efforts, but this is life... ¬¬] P.D: By the way, I just had to choose the right chipset driver (ICHx fix). I have searched about your MB and I'd say that you should select the "Intel IHCx Sata Driver". So you could try to install over again with this configuration.
  11. Ralink RT2600 (RT61) PCI Wireless Card

    I have also modified the IO810211family.kext adding the card ID by myself: "<string>pci14e4,0302</string>" But it isn't still working. I'm so frustated right now... After all the time I spent making in front the screen instaling, reinstaling, instaling back again ... humm... and, now I realise that the oficial driver only works for PPC. Well, I'd like to know if there is any other altenative to make it work... I may buy an ethernet to USB adapter on eBay (this time, I'll check quite well if it's supported)
  12. help with ralink RT2561/RT61

    But is it a carbus chipset or a PCI one? Cause I'm looking for the RT2561/RT61 driver for a PC.
  13. Well, after a lot of work, I got the Biostar P4TDP to work with chipset ATA100 Northwood with Leo iDeneb 10.5.6. There are no others feedbacks about this MB. ---------------------------- Specifications: MotherBoard: Biostar P4TDP Micro: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 512 L2 Cache. Chipset: ATA100 Northwood Ram: 2 GB BUS: 533 MHz. Video Card: ATI Family Radeon 9100 [64 MB] ---------------------------- Be sure you choose the ICHx fix in the Chipset options while the instalation, and remember to boot the first time with -f flag. No problem with sound C-media (AC97). It doesn't have any special video card driver installed. I have an ATI Rd 9100 and it works like a 8500, but well, it has a quite good resolution, I'd thank any suggestion about it. And finally, and most important... the network connection. Here's the main problem that I've had with Tiger and Leopard. I use a Conceptronic 54g PCI wireless with chipset rt2561 (drivers here) but, I can't get Leo to recognise it, so no matter the drivers I install. Anybody has fixes for video and/or network issues?
  14. iDeneb 10.5.6

    Just googling. I recomend you to search for the lastest version: 10.4.11 emm... I don't think that it will help him to download it XP. But it may help me. ^^
  15. Hi. I'm trying to install Leo 10.5.6 but I'm not very sure about what driver should I select. My MB: Biostar P4TDP Cipset: Intel Brookdale i845/ICH2 Thanks