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  1. So, now that the retail of 10.10 is out - is anyone going to attempt a Yosemite hackintosh? AMH
  2. Thanks. Will we see an iAktos port of Mavericks?
  3. Haven't yet been brave enough to dual boot. I've just got 10.8.5 and 10.9 DP8 VMs at the moment. Might consider it when Mavericks is formally released this year, but will see if this can be installed on a Hackintosh.
  4. I am donating my L502X to my son, with the 7720 arriving in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how the OSX installations compare......
  5. Thanks. Same problem as before here, headphone jacks produce sound, volume control visible on top bar, but no option for speaker output. Any thoughts? EDIT: Nothing from the AppleHDA side worked for me. I went back to VoodooHDA 2.8.2 from OSXNET - this seems the most reliable for me.
  6. can you upload your kexts? I will probably need the old audio kexts, as the one from DoiX's package did not work. I was previously using the 2.7.4 VoodooHDA, but the new ones just cause a KP (!) On second thoughts I fixed the battery like this:
  7. @killer567 is your audio working?? If so, how? My voodoo battery kexts still work.
  8. ML 10.8.3 update released in App Stores. Has anyone tried it yet, or shall I be the first to install it?
  9. Thanks for your comment. Many of us that work in Healthcare are committed to Windows as hospitals are sticking to MS, and many of the UK hospital intranet pages are IE compliant. OSX will never have an updated "internet explorer for Mac" and the plugins for Firefox and Chrome require a working version of IE. I haven't tried it on a touch device, but I do like the concept of live tiles esp for e-mail, twitter etc. AMH.
  10. Evening All. I assume this is a *straighforward problem* Today, I decided to upgrade from W8CP to W8 pro. This involved formatting the Windows partition and installing windows. I currently have three partitions on my disk 1) System Reserved 2) W8 Pro 3) Mountain Lion. Of course, now the computer will boot straight into Windows, and I can't get to boot into OSX. The partition won't load with the eyeboot CD, and the OSX partition originally had the Chameleon boot loader. What are my options: 1) Try to boot with a different loader via disc, e.g rboot 2) Try to change partition 3 to be active using the Windows diskpart command? *edit* made the ML partition active and it still doesn't load, cursor just flashes at me! 3) Reinstall ML? (Prefer not to do this?) Any help appreciated! AMH.
  11. UPDATE: Sound now fixed after using the Voodoo 2.7.3 audio package. 2.7.4 does not work. How can I dump the audio details?
  12. That is exactly what I had! I have failed with @DoiX's v1.4 package, am now experimenting with a new voodooHDA file.... Will report back ;-)
  13. Thanks DoiX. Tried all that, uninstalled Boom, two icons next to each other, but still no sound! Option 1) Voodoo HDA Option 2) Patch AppleHDA myself? AMH.
  14. Thanks @DoiX. Sadly the speakers don't work. Can you tell me how to dump the code? Before that, here are some screenshots that might help: 1) Do you think I need to change the profile (currently 13" macbook??) 2) I have only installed the patched ML Apple HDA and the new DSDT as instructed 3) When selecting internal speakers in the system preferences the bar flicks back to boom device
  15. Sadly, I updated natively to 10.8.2, then received the KP: @DoiX can you post the kexts so I can drop them in using the Windows 8 partition? EDIT: I booted up in safe mode and deployed @DoiX package v1.4. This works fine. However, I am still faced with the old problem of no sound. The sound icon is there, the sliders are working. The sound is heard if plugged into the headphone jack. What is wrong with the speakers??