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  1. Use an older version of After Effects. Running 64bit needs a processor willing enough to run the 64 bit tasks clearly. M.
  2. Have you guys seen that the MacBook Black, Specifically the MB 2,1 has an Intel GMA950 card in it? I just found this on a Mac i used to check my mail once. Seems like there could be a way of calling out the kexts for it from Apples own subsystem? No, close? Hope this is of some help. M.
  3. Do the Broadcom BMC43xx cards work in OS X 10.6 or are they limited to 10.5? I've had it with my USB dongle. Trying to find a cheap and working card to just read my mail and browse the web. M.
  4. Wowow, i've been following you on Facebook for a while now but i'm suprised you posted here! I currently have Airport switched off due to it not working with my router which is Secured but it is working which is really positive. Looking forward to the net80211 port. M.
  5. Mirrored display makes the LCD go black. Im running an extended desktop. I did a restart and it seems that the artifacts are gone. The screensaver works but its a bit laggy. M.
  6. Reporting from a CRT Display that is running on the side of my Hackintosh D620 usin consolation's drivers. Pretty solid, the videocard is kind of coping with the 1280*800 resolution i get with the CRT. Artifacting in the Stacks region and while in screensaver mode. The screensaver mode laggs on the CRT but completley artifacts on the LCD installed in the D620. M.
  7. Installing them as we speak. Do i need to hold the NVEnabler64.kext in e/e too? Its working without them so im not sure if it should be somewhere!? Also, as an update the 3945 drivers are going pretty smoothly. Mercurysquad has a new beta out for unsecured 11b and 11g connections. Secured drivers with WPA and WPA2(if i remember correctly) are coming to beta in a few weeks time. So there might be a slight chance we can throw away our USB WiFi sticks and enjoy the summer with a solid Hack. M.
  8. Works awesomely! Although some strange artifacting going on in Stacks but when its okay its a lot faster than the ones provided by Leppy. Also it fixed the sleep problem i had and made all graphics a bit smoother. NICE! M.
  9. Noticing some artifacting when opening Stacks. Also, when waking from sleep the Translucent menubar switches to the solid menubar. Using Dell D620 with Nvidia graphics and patched DSDT provided in the first post along with the same Kexts. M.
  10. Reporting from my Dell D620 with OS X 10.6.3! Everything seems to be working okay. Also the update fixed my usb dongle wake problem. When i waked the computer the darn thing wouldnt work unless id remove it and put it back. Now everything is okay! M.
  11. Not at all. The kexts are loading everytime and even after sleep. Everything seems to be stable and after multyple restarts everything is still as it should. Really happy about this! M.
  12. Using everything within the file " d620nv_03022010_e.zip ". I have not added anything else besides the voodooHDA files and the Ethernet port kext's in S/L/E M.
  13. Just swapped my Extensions folder with the one Leppy provided in the second first post "d630nv_03022010.zip" and what it did was it recognized the 3945ABG drivers provided by Mercurysquad. Seems that some of the kext's that are being loaded by the default setup are messing up something. Although the kexts are giving me an output of 1280*800 which sucks. Somewhat made me fall in love with the 1490*900 setup. So whats going on? Why isnt the Graphics being displayed properly? Ive got a bit ahead of myself. Ive gotten everything to work normally now. The dsdt seems to be loading awesomely and all systems including sleep, sound and somewhat airport are working. The 3945ABG card is detected and you can even connect to a /b network which is not WPA or WPA2 protected. My battery is a bit shot though. Not sure if its my problem or the battery's but fully charged running everything full steam it can hold around 50 min. M.
  14. Hey, i see that a Sleep fix is on the way . Leppy are you planning on making a step by step or something in that nature? And also on a side note, i have a chance to get a Intel C2D T5600@1.83GHz for around 50 dollars, thats a large amount of cash so would a C2D update really make a difference or is the changes minimal. Thanks, M.
  15. I missed the change, a dude put 45 dollars on it and the dude sold it. Searching again... M.