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  1. Natit hd4870 blank screen after each reboot

    No. Try the steps above, or search the net on how to refresh the boot caches (I think it could work without the steps above, although I haven't tried it).
  2. Symptoms for 10.5.7 with Ati HD4870 (Asus in my case): -after installing the Natit.pkg everything works fine -on 2nd reboot you get blank screen -boot with -x (safemode) and reinstall Natit.pkg -everything works again...until 2nd reboot when u get blank screen I know this is happening to other people (from what I read in comments), and they all said they can live with it:)), well...I couldn't. To fix this annoyance I have prepared a startup script which will run with root (or some root equivalent) credentials and automatically and silently install the Natit.pkg on each boot, to fix the blank screen after 2nd boot. -create a folder named ATIFix in /Library/StartupItems -Copy these attached files in there: ATIFix StartupParameters.plist -create a folder ATIFix in /Library -copy Natit.pkg in there -Install Natit.pkg and reboot to allow OSX to repair permissions on the StartupItems -reboot twice to test Have fun:) Archive.zip