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  1. I think you're right, the fact that you can still enter BIOS without harddrive (thus without EFI) proves that it's something different or at least some other problem aswell instead of thinking it "overwrited" the EFI "partition".. I just wanted to let you guys know that I've send it back to the shop where I purchased my DV7 to let them check what's wrong with it. If it was my fault and I won't have any guarantee anymore, I will try to preform the steps that you suggested. I won't try them now because I'm afraid of breaking the guarantee or anything. I'm not that used to messing with hardware of laptops, desktops ok, but laptops.. I rather leave it untouched for the time being.. I'll post an update about the error asap, and If I'll get it fixed I'll write down the steps you need to preform if someone ever comes across this problem. Also when the laptop gets fixed I will try the guide of course! Erik
  2. When I opened up Disk Util in the iAtkos installation I remember there was a 199mb partition, called SYSTEM, is that right? I also do think that's the EFI partition I've lost.. But the thing is I did not incorrectly select the EFI partition; I selected the partition where Windows 7 was on and erased it to HFS+ Extended Journal, leaving the HP Tools and RECOVERY partitions untouched. The iAtkos installer automatically installs Chameleon to the 1st partition of the drive otherwise the bootloader will not start as first on MBR tabled harddrives. So I think that's what happened. And I also thought of a way to fix it, but don't know if it will work; If someone makes an image of the 199mb EFI partition, uploads it so I can download it and finally restore it on my harddrive. The thing is will DV8t EFI partition work with my DV7-3150ED, any thoughts? Mammoth: The guides are Super, read all of them. Keep up the good work! It's a shame that I can't test it at the moment but I hopefully will in the near future. I have some feedback/questions: - This guide is assuming that you use the GUID partition table right? Will this guide also work for MBR? - I saw that your replacement harddrive does not have the SYSTEM (199mb) partition, do you still have EFI?? - Under UPDATING TO LEGACY KERNEL, you talk about cpus=1 and busratio=12. I have a link to a topic on tonymacs86's forum where you can see all the busratio's. It might be handy for other Pavillion series users to check which busratio will fit with their CPU: List of ALL Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processors w/busratios - I really think you should put in a notification in the guides about the EFI thing of our laptops, as I REALLY damaged my laptop.. Erik
  3. I know the BIOS has nothing to do with the harddrive, and that the EFI is connected to the BIOS aswell, but then why is it so that after I installed the iAtkos distro I could not boot my laptop anymore? Look the distro only installs files to the harddrive, but if the EFI wasn't on the harddrive it should not have been adapted.. That means that the EFI is somewhere on the harddrive, most probably on the beginning of the harddrive. I don't know if we talk about the beginning of the drive we should talk in terms like "partitions", maybe it's the MBR that has been adapted.. I also know that I can reset the Bios by disconnecting the CMOS BIOS battery and put it back in, but that will not restore EFI. HP did not told me anything about a button or switch that will reset the BIOS on the underside of the laptop. I contacted HP help desk and just told them the truth. I said that I tried to install MacOSX on non apple hardware, and that I probably overwrited the EFI "partition/MBR?" of the drive. First off he did not knew that my laptop had EFI , he asked around and came back to me with these words: "You have a really really serious problem.. This is most likely not going to be fixed, just play dumb and return the laptop to the shop you've bought it from, so you can get a new one for it in return". Later he said, "you should've bought a cheaper notebook to play with OSX" (so he did not rejected the possibility of running OSX on non apple hardware haha - official help desks don't deny it!). So yeah I'm screwed... Erik
  4. I know that I can't help you yet, but I will in the near future as I'm determined to get the EFI/BIOS fixed, so eventually more laptops of the Pavillion series will be supported. Indeed, I literally even can't get into or past the bios. Normally the BIOS is used to detect the hardware, but now, with the EFI partition gone, it can't even detect the hardware anymore resulting in a laptop which hangs at the very first boot screen (the first HP welcome screen where you can hit the ESC button to get into the BIOS). If I press the Esc button it won't respond, F8, F9 and so forth won't work either, it will make a sound tone everytime I press a button. The BIOS relies on the EFI partition, and with it gone, the BIOS is dead meat.. I can't do anything, I tried many many things. On the HP site they said if you press down the 4 arrows key in combination with the power button of the laptop, the BIOS itself will reset. Even that, without luck, the bios is not working anymore, because of the lost EFI.. So I think it's better to make a special warning in your guide which will alert people of this possible &*^$ up and to take extra security measures before continuing; Backing UP not only the Recovery partition, but also the EFI partition & the HP Tools partition (actually the whole drive), so you can restore the laptop to it's state of purchase. I know that not everyone will replace the Harddrive with a new one like you did for the OSX installation, so the backups are Really important... I'm not familiar with replacing harddrives in laptops. The guarantee, will it break if you replace the harddrive with a new one?? On top of my DV7's harddrive there is a type of protection layer, brown-like plastic stuff. How do you get the harddrive out without breaking this and the guarantee? I think that many people don't know how to replace a laptop harddrive just like me because of al the things mentioned above, an extra for the guide?? Thnx in advance Erik
  5. Hey there Mammoth, I think I can provide you with some help if you like. I recently bought the DV-7 version (HP Pavilion DV7-3150ED (WC161EA)), which has almost the same specs as the DV8t-1100 (VF836AV). There are 3 big differences which are: - CPU (mine i5 430M, yours i7 720QM) - Graphics card (mine G105M, yours GT230M) - Screen size (mine 17,3 inch 1600x900 WXGA++, yours 18,4 inch 1920x1080 Full HD 1080p) The rest of the specs are almost literally the same. So I think this guide will work for most of the DV7 users aswell. NOTE TO ALL USERS: THESE LAPTOPS HAVE EFI! I started experimenting with SL OSX on my DV7. First off I tried the USB method with myhack, without any succes. I couldn't get the retail image to boot (maybe because I didn't have a patched DSDT), so I tried the newest iAtkos distro as I did not yet owned an original copy of the Snow Leopard disc (but now I do as I want a Vanilla installation). This was a bad choice! Because of the distro not asking me where to install the bootloader (Chameleon), it overwrited my EFI partition! (The distro automatically installs the bootloader to the first partition of the hard drive, which is the EFI partition..) Which resulted in a brand new laptop that could not get past the bios, even not boot BootCD's or USB's. So at the moment I can't use my laptop at all because of the overwrited EFI partition.. This is a warning for al the new Pavillion users who are planning to install OSX on their laptop using distro's like hazard/iatkos etc.. Tip: just buy a retail disc of SL and install the bootloader on a different partition (follow Mammoth's guide, the guy is the best) Mammoth, do you have any idea how I can solve this? Or is it neccesary to contact the HP Helpdesk and tell them that I tried to install MacOSX software on non apple hardware? I think I seriously damaged my desktop by messing with the EFI partition.. Finally, thank you for all your hard work and contribution to the community! I'm looking forward to the guides. Keep up the good work Erik
  6. Mammoth, pt. 1&2 of the guide are looking really good. Seems that you've tried to keep the same lvl of orderly detailed explation as BlackOSX did with his guide. Keep up the good work, I know this kind of work demands much of you. Really appreciate it I'm also thinking of buying VPCF115, and when i get it, i will definitely help testing with all of this because if this laptop runs osx 100% it wil be the next best hackintosh laptop. And thats a big step forward Even if we won't get osx to run fully operational i'll buy the vaio because next to the macbook its the most stylish laptop with high end specs hehe Also bigup for Kizwan if he reads this (probably ).
  7. Man.. I figured this was a community that helps people, even newcomers (first timers in particular). But I was wrong. This is the second thread I started, the 1st one was simply ignored, no one replyed, and this is the second time I've got stuck. I think that SOMEone has encountered this error before, I mean, this community is SO big. I feel like you guys are saying; "before you ask or post something, read the whole board, then you'll know it". Well, I can say that I pretty much have read everything that has something to do with my system specs or my errors and more, without any luck. It would be nice to see if someone was really willing to help me.
  8. its a SATA dvd: LG® GH22LS30 Multinorm Dual/Double Layer DVD/CD writer my harddisk is also SATA connected. sorry for not including that in my system specs info edit: i've managed to get into the install interface by setting the setting in the bios from IDE to AHCI. but now, another head bumper; my mouse aint working when i'm in the select language screen of the install dvd so i'm stuck again... mouse = optical USB keyboard = PS/2 from Chicony i've googled some and found that it is the one or the other with osx (usb mouse and usb kb or ps/2 mouse and ps/2 kb) if you want it to work? And that it is not an common error. any suggestions? btw, i already tried toggling "legacy" usb option in bios without any luck.
  9. But how can I get into iDeneb if I'm having the "still waiting for root device" error, you see that's the problem. I can't get my computer to boot into the install of almost every distro, even after patching an iso. I know that some nVidia chipsets arent that well suported, but i will already be happy to even get into the installer. Has someone encountered this error before with nVidia chipsets, if so please help i'm out of ideas. edit: btw, these guides on the wiki aint the most easiest guides for someone who's not that technical (even after researching a lot of stuff for some time..)
  10. Hi all, I've tried almost every distro out there, even patched iso's (iPC/iDeneb nforce patches for example), but all without succes. For 2 weeks now i'm searching all over the web to get this thing to work, but i still didn't get passed the "Still waiting for root device" error. Vista is on the partition number 1. For osx i've made an second primary partition type "af" using Gparted and CMD in windows. I'm using a brand pc, model "Targa Now 8821". My Specs: CPU - Intel 2 Quad Q8200 Motherboard - Biostar GF7100P-M7S Chipset - nVidia 7100 (northbridge) / nForce 630i (southbridge) Audio (onboard) - Realtek ALC662 Video - nVidia GeForce 9500 GS 512mb Ethernet (onboard) - Realtek RTL8111B HD - Samsung HD642JJ SATA (600gb) Memory - 3gb DDR2 Ram What am I doing wrong? Do I need to format the whole drive to get the install booted?? Here are three screens for more detail about the error; Help would really be apreciated, because I really need osx for my study, but I don't have the money to afford a real mac. Thanks in advance, Erik
  11. Hello there, I'm new to this hackintosch happening and studied a bit on this site and the wiki without succes, because when I tried to install osx with iAktos v.5i, I got the error "Still waiting for root device". I'm not even sure if it is possible to install osx on my pc. So is it possible for me to install osx with these system specs??: CPU-Z 1.50 report file Processor(s) Number of processors: 1 Number of cores: 4 per processor Number of threads: 4 per processor Name Intel Core 2: Quad Q8200 Code Name: Yorkfield Specification: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz Package: Socket 775 LGA Family/Model/Stepping: 6.7.7 Extended Family/Model: 6.17 Core Stepping: M1 Technology: 45 nm Core Speed: 2000.6 MHz Multiplier x Bus speed: 6.0 x 333.4 MHz Rated Bus speed: 1333.7 MHz Stock frequency: 2333 MHz Instruction sets: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, EM64T L1 Data cache (per processor): 4 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size L1 Instruction cache (per processor): 4 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size L2 cache (per processor): 2 x 2048 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size Chipset & Memory Northbridge: NVIDIA GeForce 7100 rev. A2 Southbridge: NVIDIA nForce 630i rev. A2 Graphic Interface: PCI-Express PCI-E Link Width: x16 PCI-E Max Link Width: x16 Memory Type: DDR2 Memory Size: 3072 MBytes Memory Frequency: 400.1 MHz (5:6) CAS# Latency (tCL): 6.0 clocks RAS# to CAS# (tRCD): 5 clocks RAS# Precharge (tRP): 5 clocks Cycle Time (tRAS): 17 clocks Bank Cycle Time (tRC): 24 clocks Command Rate (CR): 2T System System Manufacturer: System manufacturer System Name: System Product Name System S/N: System Serial Number Mainboard Vendor: ASUSTeK Computer INC. Mainboard Model: IPN73-BA BIOS Vendor: Phoenix Technologies, LTD BIOS Version: ASUS IPN73-BA ACPI BIOS Revision 0105 Targa BIOS Date: 10/16/2008 Memory SPD Module 1: DDR2, PC2-6400 (400 MHz), 1024 MBytes, Qimonda Module 2: DDR2, PC2-6400 (400 MHz), 2048 MBytes, Qimonda Software Windows Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (6.0) Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 6001) DirectX Version: 10.0 Thanks in advance!