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  1. Hi All I am looking for vanilla AppleHDA 1.8.9f kext. Any pointers where I can get it ? Thanks HO
  2. RSN and cue8chalk, Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. I have a similar issue. I have a nvidia GT240 card with HDMI and audio. I want to use the audio over the HDMI. When I install VoodooHDA, I see 4 HDMI audio devices in sound preferences. As per one of the website, I need to pick 2nd HDMI digital out for my audio out. If I select 2nd one, I get sound over HDMI from system effects as well as regular audio using VLC/Quicktime. So far so good. But I use my hackintosh as HTPC and run Plex. Plex wants to select its own audio output and doesn't honor system preferences. So, when I select the audio out, there is only one "Digital out (HDMI)" option. Because Plex enumerated it and found 4 instances of same name, so it only shows one name. And its always defaulting to the 1st one which doesn't send audio out. So, what I want to do is to make sure VoodooHDA only shows exactly ONE Digital out (HDMI) device string which should be the 2nd device it finds. Alternatively, it should label each device with a number like "Digital Out (HDMI)-1" etc etc. I have not compiled any kexts yet, but will try to dive into it given the right pointers. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance HO
  3. Hmm.. let me read the ATI thread as I need confirmation first about the HD audio pass through before I plunge into ATI. Thanks Mudit
  4. Does this mean you are able to play native BluRay rips with HD Audios such as DTS-MA and DD-HD etc ?
  5. no idea - supposidly yes -- but I dont know if the audio codec on the ATI R5xxx is supported or not.
  6. I think this ATI QE/CI Link
  7. Thanks Still learning here -- learned a lot from these forums.
  8. It was broken in 10.6.2 but fixed in 10.6.3. I'm using that now and it works. I was using a zotac 9400GT with DVI earlier. I had connected 2pin spdif from mobo to the 2pin connector on my zotac 9400GT. Then used a $5 DVI-I (24+5 pin -- thats the main key) to HDMI adapter. In 10.6.2, this setup WILL NOT give me audio over the DVI-I/HDMI adapter. But it WAS giving me audio in windows XP. So I just used a spdif 2pin to RCA adapter and was feeding audio via the spdif digital coax cable to my pio elite and DVI-HDMI cable for the video. Come 10.6.3 and I read on this (or somewhere else) that the audio over HDMI has been fixed. I upgraded to 10.6.3 (retail install) and tried the DVI-I (24+5) to HDMI cable and viola (using the 2pin spdif to the 2pin 9400GT connector) !! I had AUDIO and VIDEO over the HDMI cable ! Now I have upgraded to MSI 9500GT which has HDMI connector. This avoids the DVI-I (24+5) to HDMI adapter. Inside still remains same, 2pin spdif to 2pin spdif connector on the video card. So, yes, 10.6.3 has audio+video over DVI-I(24+5) to HDMI OR straight thru HDMI support. BTW, I have two DVI-I (24+5) to HDMI connectors. I bought one and since no sound was coming over HDMI, I bought another one. Only later I tried windows xp, and both were working. Then I realized that 10.6.2 must be busted. So, up for sale, two working DVI-I (24+5) to HDMI. Notice I keep repeating "DVI-I (24+5)" -- thats the key when looking for a connector which will send audio over DVI. Ignore what every one else says that DVI can't send audio. This link gave me confidence to buy the DVI-I (24+5) to HDMI adapter. http://www.amazon.com/DVI-I-Dual-Link-Male...#R1RMFCSSAWYPGE I think I have repeated it enough times to convince people that it does work in 10.6.3
  9. If you card has spdif 2 pin plug which needs to be connected to the spdif 2 pin plug on the motherboard AND you have DVI (not HDMI), then you need a DVI-I to HDMI (24+5 pin) special adapter. Ebay has for under $10 or so. I bought from there and it works in both windows xp and SL 10.6.3.
  10. hari om

    The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    I have MSI 9500GT DDR2 512MB RAM. The ports are DVI, VGA and HDMI (from the motherboard side). I used NVEnabler to make it work first. Then used ioreg -lw0 to get the nvcap string. I'm running 10.6.3 without NVEnabler. I'm using mobo spdif to MSI spdif connector and sending audio+video over HDMI. 04000000000003001c0000000000000a00000000 The resulting GFX string is <key>device-properties</key> <string> 6c0200000100000001000000600200000d00000002010 c00d041030a000000000101060000010101060000007ff f04001e00000072006f006d002d0072006500760069007 30069006f006e0000002e0000006e56696469612047654 66f7263652039353030204754204f70656e474c20456e67 696e65205b4546495d22000000400030002c0064006500 76006900630065005f00740079007000650000000b0000 00646973706c6179100000004e00560043004100500000 001800000004000000000003001c0000000000000a0000 00000e0000006e0061006d00650000000b000000646973 706c617914000000400030002c006e0061006d00650000 00120000004e5644412c446973706c61792d4110000000 6d006f00640065006c0000001a0000006e5669646961204 765466f72636520393530302047540e0000004e00560050 004d000000200000000100000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000014000000400031002c 006e0061006d0065000000120000004e5644412c446973 706c61792d4220000000400031002c0063006f006d00700 061007400690062006c00650000000e0000004e5644412c 4e564d6163220000005600520041004d002c0074006f007 40061006c00730069007a00650000000800000000000020 20000000400030002c0063006f006d007000610074006900 62006c00650000000e0000004e5644412c4e564d61632200 0000400031002c006400650076006900630065005f007400 79007000650000000b000000646973706c61791c00000064 00650076006900630065005f00740079007000650000000f0 000004e5644412c506172656e74 </string>
  11. hari om

    ATI Radeon HD4350 PCIe

    Anybody got audio out via HDMI on this card ?
  12. I am in same boat. I can hear audio using the DVI to HDMI in windows XP. But no luck in hackintosh. Is it a matter of enabling some option in one of the enablers (NVE, Natit, etc) ? Or a new driver has to be written. Darn .. Plex looks so good in HDMI -- now I have to stick with component out. Hi Josh, Can you please explain how did you get it working with audio over HDMI. I have a zotac 9400GT. I connected DVI-I 24+5 to HDMI adapter and then HDMI cable. The passthru SPDIF cable from the motherboard is connected to the zotac card. When I boot windows XP, I can hear the audio and see video fine. But it doesn't work in Mac OSX. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 with NVEnabler. What changes/patches you have to make in order to get audio out from HDMI ? Thanks Hari
  13. If you are connecting the spdif cable from your motherboard/sound card to the VGA spdif connector, then you need to know two things. Exact pinouts for your mobo and your VGA spdif connector. They vary from each mobo and each VGA card. I have zotac 9400GT and 1st pin (starting from the bracket) is spdif signal, 2nd is blank, 3rd is the ground. Also, the audio will be send on DVI-I 24+5 pin only. DVI-D or DVI-I 24+1 will NOT carry audio. So, if you simply connect a DVI-D cable to HDMI, then it'll not carry audio. I have ordered a DVI-I 24+5 Male to HDMI female, should get it tomorrow and hope to test it. Also, I think VoodooHDA driver may be working on the VGA audio chipset for GT220 drivers. Check out Project OSX forums.
  14. Check /var/log/kernel.log file and see where its spending most time. All the lines are timestamped, so should be easy to identify the steps which is taking too long.
  15. hari om

    ALC883 Audio

    Hi, How many speakers do you see when you configure your speakers ? I only have option of 2 speakers. How do I get 5.1 or 7.1 setup ? I'm using VoodooHDA 0.252. Thanks Hari