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    Manually installing an app store app (That I legally own)

    Hi, It looks like you won't be able to download the app. This is because apple signs the apps that you download in the mac app store, just like in the iOS store. It may have been possible to install the app if you had downloaded it before but it looks like you may be stuck. You may want to either contact apple as they should give you a refund, or alternitavely contact the app developers themselves which hopefully will provide you with a download link (if they are nice!) this is the email address; support@pyrcastapp.com Hope this helps and good luck, Jack
  2. Jack Davies

    How can I make my make Mac faster

    The drives that you have stated are extremely small today, a 9GB file is really not that large. You should really consider an upgrade to at least a 120GB HDD which only costs about £20-£30. If you do decide to you can use a program called Carbon Copy Cloner which is free. http://www.bombich.com/ This will let you copy your current installation of Mac OS to the new drive without having to reinstall the OS. Jack
  3. Jack Davies

    Cant Change Resolution of TV

    Hi I have a LCD TV that's about 2-3 years old that I want to use with my desktop hackintosh (through VGA). The maximum resolution of the TV states 640x480 60hz but the display is way too big, (need a higher resolution) system preferences doesn't even fit on the screen. I have tried an app called SwitchResX Control but when I change it to a higher resolution it looks fuzzy. The TV says it is running at 63hz but I selected 60hz in the program. Could this be the problem? Thanks