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  1. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    Could you give me a step by step on that Its a standard samsung 500gb hard drive
  2. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    I have installed chameleon already. So Do I have to have the osx install disc on the usb again?
  3. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    I have inserted the hard drive but it gets stuck on the apple boot logo.
  4. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    Thanks that worked all I have to do now is to replace the hard drive
  5. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    I tried to install chameleon onto the cloned hard drive but this is the message I get.
  6. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    Thanks XLR . I tried to put netbook installer on the hard drive but it didn't recognise any drive. Which bootloader should I install and where would I download it from?
  7. AZanshin

    Cloning Hard Drive

    So I have an hackintosh dell mini 10v. I cloned the hard drive to a bigger 500gb hard drive and inserted it in but it during boot it said it couldn't find operating system. Any ideas of why it didn't boot with the cloned hard drive?
  8. AZanshin

    Dreamcast And Extra's For Sale

    IF anyone is interested it is up on ebay with a dreamkey included as well so you can access the internet. Dreamcast and extras
  9. SOLD This lot is for boxed fully working very good condition Sega Dreamcast console including power cord and scart AV cable. The console is in very good condition along with the box, this lot also includes 10 games. Also included: · boxed black visual memory unit · Unboxed white visual memory unit · Two White Dreamcast Controllers The Titles Include: · Street Fighter 3rd Strike(Rare)- · ChuChu Rocket · Power Stone 2- · Sonic Adventure 2- · MSR · Dead Or Alive 2 · Shenmue – Includes All Of The Discs (Box Is Slightly Damaged) · Sonic Adventure · Jet Set Radio · Wind & Water Puzzle Battles (Not pictured) £100 for the lot
  10. AZanshin

    Working PSX Emulator

    I Can't seem to get any PSX emulator working in OSX I have a Macbook 2.13GHZ 2GB Ram is there a step by step into how to install a working emulator, I already have the bios files
  11. I have purchased a brand new macbook white, but i found that the iSight is not as clear as the ones I have used in the apple store. Is there anyway to fix the quality since images looks grainy and low res
  12. AZanshin

    G4 File Server

    I want to make My G4 quicksilver 2002 a low powered file server, to stream and copy files to macbook wirelessly. How would I go about doing this?
  13. AZanshin

    DP G4

    Would i be able to place dual 867mhz mdd processor in a quicksilver 2002. Since they are the same bus of 133Mhz
  14. AZanshin

    unreal tournament 2004 mac

    I'm Looking for but i can't find anywhere so am stuck playing the demo can anyone help?
  15. I Purchased a generic bluetooth dongle from argos and it worked out of the box with no drivers needed on my Powermac G4. I used it to connect to Mighty Mouse And Wireless Apple Keyboard, plus it was only £6.99. I am running 10.4