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  1. HWSensors

    This don't work with the Badaxe 2 mobo, the CPU is fine and graphics card but no fans.
  2. OS X Lion 10.7.3 11D24 is OUT

    This update also fixes the issue of not being able to use the external apple isight cam/mic with FaceTime! a widely reported issue with real apple uses also!
  3. Mini-itx inside Mac Mini Casing?

    Both new & old mac mini can fit in a dvd drive, its how much you really want it i suppose. Space is limited! I will most likely fit a dvd drive in, just need to re arrange things a bit. The old mac mini wanst as wide as the new one so you prob won't get a mini motherboard in there at all!
  4. Mini-itx inside Mac Mini Casing?

    New Mac Minis dont have dvd drives anymore. Apple wants rid of CD/DVD drives I supose you could get a latop one in there somehow! There is room, The hard drive would have to be turned round the other way and the heatsink lowered more to get it in. It is possible! The space is there. A nice small bluray drive would do, would have to be a low profile one. They are pretty low profile anyway! I wont add one to mind as I have the new case without the cd slot. In fact!!! There isnt room for one after all, I just measured one There have to be NO hard drive to fit it in. And there would need to be some kind of brackets to hold the drive in place. I supose this could be done......The hard drive could be placed at the back of the case but there would be no heatsink for the cpu then...... Things would run hot. Unless we used something like this. The end of it would go to the rear of the case. where the vents are.
  5. Mini-itx inside Mac Mini Casing?

    Yes there has been some updates with my build. I got my Mac Mini unibody case (Brand New) not sure if its a real case or a clone but it sure looks VERY real (Serial Number, etc) I have a real Mac Mini and its exactly the same! I couldn’t find any difference. I have been doing some testing with lots of parts and now I have got the right combo for this build. I now have all my parts in place. This is what I will be putting inside the case: Toatl cost of build £251 - £270 Intel i5 CPU (Use onboard graphics) (about £70 ebay) Intel DH61AG Low Profile Mini ITX Motherboard (Onboard power supply) This is mounted on the Mac Mini case with plastic stand offs glued to the case. ( About £90 amazon) 4GB DDR3 1333/1066 MHz (about £30 ebay) 640GB Hard Drive (£24 Ebay) Low profile CPU cooler, I have one already from a graphics card, does the job well! I am working on a few solutions for this) (Ebay parts for £9) Mini PCI-e Apple Airport Card (fits well!) (ebay £12) OS X 10.7 Lion (Well...... Freee as I have a copy already!) Power adapter to power the whole thing! (Ebay £16) Since I don’t have a camera I will show some photos from a build I am copying from a guy in china, he posted his build ages ago in chiphell, Mine looks identical anyway to be honest but the photos are from his build.. More updates when my build is done. Also a special heatsink might have to be made as I mentioned above Or I will have to work with the one I have, it seems to work fine anyway with low temps on testing at 37C.I have to get a special IO plate made for the back for build. And a small power button must be installed with this IO plate at the back (See photos). The plate will cost £10, and is to be made from a cad drawing and the power button is £0.90 and works from the motherboard just like any other power button. This is a second users build from chiphell, the same as mine but uses a Graphics GPU PCI card heatsink, I might do this..If the one I have fits ok and his Cad drawing. Same as mine.
  6. same for me, wonder if we could change permissions on this file so it won't change?
  7. Ahh! all we need now is to get it to stay to YES! wonder how we could do that? Bootloader?
  8. I am not kidding! Your guide says: <key>Name</key> <string>Find My Mac</string> <key>ServiceID</key> <string>com.apple.Dataclass.DeviceLocator</string> <key>Enabled</key> <false/> -> must be set to true But mobilemeaccounts.plist doesn't have any of that in it. Where did you get this information from? My mobilemeaccounts.plist docent have 'False' or 'True' it has 'yes' and 'no' Anyway when you select it to YES and reboot Find My Mac is still un ticked..
  9. weird, I don't have the <key>Name</key> <string>Find My Mac</string> <key>ServiceID</key> <string>com.apple.Dataclass.DeviceLocator</string> <key>Enabled</key> <false/> -> must be set to true Can you upload your mobilemeaccount.plist file?
  10. Are you sure that its the mobilemeaccounts.plist that you are editing? I don't have <key>Name</key> <string>Find My Mac</string> <key>ServiceID</key> <string>com.apple.Dataclass.DeviceLocator</string> <key>Enabled</key> <false/> -> must be set to true
  11. Great! now it all works! I wouldnt NOT use a script to enable it. Thats not very Vanilla. And I would really sugest making this Apple_Recovery partion the correct way. Using the terminal. http://dmitry-dulepov.com/article/mac-reco...-revisited.html I also sugest you make the Apple_Recovery HD 650mbs! Apple will update the Recovery Software at somepoint and if you only have 50mbs like you sugested there wont be enough room for anything to be honest. Real Macs have this partition at 650mbs I would do the same. Happy iClouding!
  12. iCloud & Find My Mac

    there must be some way past this, the issue prob is with the boot loader!
  13. iCloud & Find My Mac

    Oh sorry, I tried it WITHOUT the recovery HD and then 'Now I try it' WITH the Recovery HD Cant seem to get it to stay on now. It works 100% when ticked, but after reboot its un-ticked again... weird! There is defo something unpicking it at boot, it must write to a file somewhere. I am lost on this one!
  14. iCloud & Find My Mac

    Ok so I tired this first without the Apple Recovery HD and i get this msg in the system log: System Preferences: WARNING: Unabled to get booter disk for <DADisk 0x400343c40 [0x7fff782c1f40]>{id = /dev/disk0s2}: Unable to find boot helper partition. So this is the same as you... Now I try it with the Recovery HD and Nothing in the system log about anything to do with the Recovery HD/Find My Mac or anything about iCloud. I tried ticking the Find My Mac, unpicking it, closing it down, reopening it etc etc over and over and the system log shows nothing now.... weird!
  15. Hi Guys! I use the EMU 0404 Card, I have done for since Leopard 10.5. Its a great card! Ok so I know that every time you restart you have no sound! Until you type in edspctrl into the terminal. This is a real pain! In order to upload FPGA firmware after reboot, open Terminal and type 'edspctrl' Here is a small LaunchAgents script to get round this problem! No more typing into the terminal on reboot, or sleep! Just download the attached file and drop it in /System/Library/LaunchAgents and reboot! (NOT /Users/YOUNAME/Library/LaunchAgents) Now you have sound after reboot and sleep WITHOUT typing edspctrl into the terminal all the time! Works in Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion. edspctrl.plist.zip