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    4870 in 10.5.6

    I had that card and I was able to get it working in a vanilla 10.5.6/7 with the "Simple Guide" thread. There are two versions of how to install it in the first post and both worked for me. I have since changed the card to an XFX because I could not get 2560x1600 working and I needed that for my 30" monitor. The XFX still took some work and the Sapphire might have worked with the same fixes. I'll just save the card for the next machine I build that wont need a resolution larger than 1920x1200. Is ipc your only option to get it working?
  2. mincingleprechaun

    Finally 2560x1600! and a way past the Black Screen problem with my HD4870

    And all at once it's behind me! I had a little trouble because I accidentally left a ">" off one of the "Graphics mode" tags. It would still boot but without the graphics mode and it wouldn't let me mount the EFI to fix it after the fact. I have another OSX install that I use for experimenting and I was able to mount /Volumes/EFI and modify the com.apple.Boot.plist from that install. I just made sure I was mounting the right EFI partition. It worked perfectly. I finally have a fully functioning OSX install with all my onboard hardware fully functioning. I guess I can now start thinking about 10.6. I might do that in November or December. I think I will just get some work done and not fool with it for awhile. Thanks for the info!
  3. So I've been harping on trying to get a full 2560x1600 out of my 30" monitor since I successfully installed OSX. I've tried lots of fixes and different methods always with some success being able to get QE/CI and 1920x1200 but never the full res. One of the DVI's would reliably deliver 1920x1200 and the other a black screen that was "alive" meaning black but not in powersave mode. Tonight I decided to connect a second monitor that I had sitting around just to see if I could get dual monitors happening and do some experiments. Hey, it worked! I had 1920x1200 on one and the other 1280x1024 or something like that. For laughs I tried swapping the connectors so that monitor 1 was now monitor 2 and vice-versa. When the computer booted I got what I kind of expected. The small monitor was working but the 30" went black right after the blue screen and stayed that way. I left the computer for awhile and came back into the room and the monitors had gone to sleep. Both had amber power indicators to show they were in powersave mode. I grabbed the mouse and both monitors flickered and the little one came to life as I expected... and then suddenly the 30" monitor was shining brightly at me with my extended desktop in glorious 2560x1600 resolution. For some reason waking the monitor from sleep brought it to life. I changed the powersave mode to put the monitor to sleep in 1 minute, shut down, disconnected the second (smaller) monitor and rebooted. The machine rebooted and the screen turned black shortly after the blue screen appeared. After about one minute the montior went to sleep and the blue power lamp turned amber. I moved the mouse and it came out of sleep to be fully functioning. Yahoo! My advice to the black screen suffering among us is to boot to the desktop if you can, set your power management setting for the monitor to sleep after one minute and see if you can get your black monitor to come to life. I will happily answer any question that I can about how I got this working.
  4. mincingleprechaun

    Has anyone ever reached 2560x1600 resolution?

    This looks good, right? Even better, right? {censored}! a black screen. I just don't get it. The system thinks it's running at 2560x1600 but the monitor is a black screen. I don't know where to start looking for a fix.
  5. mincingleprechaun

    Has anyone ever reached 2560x1600 resolution?

    Minor development. I am using two monitors of dissimilar size. This is not a normal operating mode for me but I had a spare sitting around and decided to connect it to see if it would have any use. I have been using the 30" monitor on one connector and connected the 19" to the other. Both are DVI. I decided to swap the connectors to see what would happen. When I rebooted I saw the medium blue screen after the soft gray screen with the spinning spokes. After a moment the 30" turned black (normal when it's connected to this port) but the 19" continued to the desktop although the background image changed. I opened SwitchresX and it said that Monitor #2 (the 30"dell) was at 2560x1600 (It's native resolution). When the cables are connected with the 30" on DVI 1 it will only boot to 1920x1200 and that's the highest available resolution. Now with the 30" on DVI 2 it will only show a black screen but it's a "live" black screen not in powersave mode. This is ultimately promising but still troubling. The monitor and video card are entering full resolution but the OS cannot display anything. What could be standing in the way? That's all for now.
  6. mincingleprechaun

    Has anyone ever reached 2560x1600 resolution?

    After installing, restarting and entering new resolution information it made no changes at all. My guess is that the hacked drivers I'm using from the "simple guide" thread are not allowing it to work.
  7. mincingleprechaun

    Has anyone ever reached 2560x1600 resolution?

    I've been searching and reading for weeks and weeks of the last few months to try to get Dual Link working. I've tried two 4870 cards, a sapphire and a XFX that I flashed with the Apple BIOS. I can reach 1920x1200 and dual monitor support with monitors of different resolutions but Dual Link remains illusive. Windows 7 has no problem reaching 2560x1600 with both video cards. I have used the "Simple Guide" method of getting my 4870 cards to work. I tried another method that involved modifying the com.apple.plist file but was unsuccessful with both cards. I am only running one video card at a time just to clarify that I'm not trying to trying anything with two cards at once. I am very interested to hear from anyone who has been able to do this with any video card or has tried. Thanks, Billy
  8. mincingleprechaun

    A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    In 10.5.6+? Yes, Dual monitor, QE/CI, res change. Using the original method in the first post and the updated method.
  9. I don't know if you are burning the ISO correctly because it should boot. You are selecting the optical drive as the first boot device, right? What happens when it tries to boot from the optical drive? Secondly, I'm not so sure trying to put OSX on one drive that already has windows installed is a way to save yourself frustration. I have installed with this guide 6 times, 4 were successes. In every success I used a single drive with nothing on it (or a previous install that I formatted away). The failures were all "waiting on root device" failures. The failures were my 1st and 3rd attempts. As has been covered here it is also suggested that the HDD go on SATA header 1 and the optical on header 2.
  10. mincingleprechaun

    4870 1GB Working Sleep/CI/QE/Resolution Change!

    When I followed the instructions in the first post I get a reply right after I select OSX at the darwin prompt (I multi-boot from darwin into OSX and win7) that says there's an error and that it will wait 5 seconds. Tt continues into OSX but there is no change in my totally basic graphics settings of 1024x768. I followed all the instructions and everything looked like it should according to the post but it doesn't work. I'm patched up to 10.5.7 from 10.5.6.
  11. mincingleprechaun

    Would a genuine apple 4870 end my video card woes?

    I was reading at mac rumors that people are flashing 4870's and 4890's with the apple ROM file. Does that method require modding kexts, etc. to get the card to work? Seems that all those guys have genuine mac pro's.
  12. mincingleprechaun

    Would a genuine apple 4870 end my video card woes?

    I would like to run my 30" monitor at it's native 2560x1600 resolution. So far I've not been able to get Dual Link DVI to work on my Sapphire 4870. (I have gotten it to work at 1920x1280 or something like that.) Would making the sacrifice and buying the apple version be a drop in solution? No funny plists, kexts or whatever, just put in and go on a clean install with 10.5.7 or above? I invested in a fine monitor and it's just not working out to use it in the non-native mode. Thanks
  13. If I've got a good system running with this mobo and 10.5.6. I want to upgrade to 10.5.7 or 10.5.8 how would I go about doing that? I know it kills networking during the upgrade and I know how to fix that but do I need to redo the whole DSDT.aml step too? Also, how do I tell if I'm running vanilla or voodoo. I got my first KP recently and it was saying something about sending info to Voodoo people or something like that. thanks. BB
  14. From what I can tell, the problem I am having with FCP is NOT related to processor ID. My macbook pro has the same problems with the cards. Some of my memory cards do work, others don't.