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  1. Dual 7800GTX with Natit?

    Hi y'all, I was wondering if anyone has a solution for running dual Nvidia 7800GTX's in OSX-86? A single card works perfectly, dual monitor support with natit.02, but if I put the second card in, it panics. If there is no solution at this time, is there a way to force the driver to quit looking after it detects the primary card? My rationale for this is simple, I use SLI for gaming in Vista 64, and really do not like unplugging my second card to boot OSX. System is in sig.
  2. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    d10sfan> Do you have the same version of BF2 as I, v1.41? Are your video drivers fully working ie. QE/CI supported? Is your firewall on? As i said, it is best to copy the lines from your own Windows registry, then edit them to match Cider's format/syntax. Could be a minor version mismatch, I'd check just to be sure. Do y'all think we ought to move this into all into the BF2 thread, get out of the way of others? Or keep it going here?
  3. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    You're quite welcome, glad I could help. Is small payback for all the great advice I've gotten on this board concerning my hackintosh.
  4. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    BF2's system.reg as I have it, works online, sometimes; Note that the "ergc" lines are your serial number, not sure if rest is even neccessary, but I know it won't play online without "ergc", even in Windows. Look in a windows install for the correct lines for your version, mine has mods, and they work too. BTW, if you try to copy/paste these lines, it may fail. I am only posting to show the format. I added these to the bottom of the "system.reg" file in preferences. Note that once you run the app, it created a preferences folder, should be in your user folder. You will either have to delete this new folder, or alter the files inside it. [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA CORE\\INSTALLED GAMES\\EAGAMES\\BF2-2006\\ONLINE_CONTENT\\BF2-EP1] "GameLauncherParameters"="+menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +modPath mods/xpack +ignoreAsserts 1" "GameLauncherPath"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2\\bf2.exe" "DisplayName"="Battlefield 2 Special Forces" "Version"="1.1" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games] [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2] "Language"="English" "Locale"="en_US" "InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2" "Version"="1.4" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2\\ergc] @="x9392<buncha numbers>" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2\\wdc] @="true" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 Hard Justice] "InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2" "Version"="1.21" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 HardJusticeMapPack1] "InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2" "Version"="1.2" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 HardJusticeMapPack2] "InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2" "Version"="1.2" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 HardJusticeMapPack3] "InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2" "Version"="1.2" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 Special Forces] "Language"="English" "Locale"="en_US" "InstallDir"="C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2" "Version"="1.4" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 Special Forces\\ergc] @="x9392<buncha numbers>" [sOFTWARE\\Electronic Arts\\EA Games\\Battlefield 2 Special Forces\\wdc] @="true" [sYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\BF2\\Parameters] "Application"="<\"C:\\Program Files\\EA GAMES\\Battlefield 2\\BF2.exe\" +menu 1 +fullscreen 0 +modPath mods/HardJustice> \\ <application.ext>" [sYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\BF2\\Enum] "0"="Root\\LEGACY_BF200" "Count"=dword:00000001 "NextInstance"=dword:00000001
  5. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    Battlefield 2 works. Need to make sure registry entries are in system.reg or is unplayable on LAN or Internet servers.
  6. Second Life Hackintosh Users

    I get on from time to time. Will look it up next time I'm in world. Quick, related question; does anyone else notice lower framerates in OSX compared to Windows? Or is it just me? I only get 25-30FPS and am used to 50 or better. Everything looks the same, just a titch slower.
  7. Ok, my bad, was not a Samba problem at all, my fileserver is running Server 2003, had to disable encrypted communications. Also now have dual display using Natit dual .02.
  8. Recommended AM2 motherboard

    As near as I can tell, yes. SATA is seen natively using the 10.4.10 (tubgirl), it sees my Vista drive R/W, sound is flawless, sounds great, mic works.. Networking might actually be able to be made to work, I already had a Netgear GA311 in there and forgot I was using it, OSX picked it right up. USB works, I have dual display on my 7800GTX, had to change to Natit dual .02 on that. QE/CI are enabled. The only thing I had to change from the original installation was Natit. It worked better out of the box than my BIL's Intel 945 (HP/ASUS P5N) with Kalyway's 10.4.10, he still doesn't have sound, nor on board networking, but it's only been a day.
  9. Battlefield 2

    I am also trying to get this to work, could someone kindly tell me what they had to do to make this run properly, I am having an issue where the ground textures are not showing, and I cannot connect to a LAN server. I used the version Whizkid pointed to, BF2 1.41 from working windows install and my system specs are in my sig. Thanks. Edit: found the problem with the graphics, have to enable FBO and FBO cache. Now playing at 1024 x 768, High settings, full screen. Flat rocks in single player. Also have connected successfully to my LAN server, is a little sluggish. Need some insight as to how Cider handles networking.
  10. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Ok, I'll join in, here's mine. 138.80 db.xbench.yaddayadda Is that good?
  11. Recommended AM2 motherboard

    Board in my sig works fine, except Networking.
  12. Tried to get through all that, think I got it. Mine is a 570 chipset, using the SATA drives, native install. It sees the other 2 SATA drives as well. I was not counting on being able to use the NForce networking, so used an RTL 8169(?) based Netgear GA311. I have read on here that a lot of people have problems with the NForce 5** network adapters, so I didn't even try it.
  13. Quick success story This Version works almost perfectly on the rig in my sig, only issue I have is not being able to access shares on my fileserver, which is a Win 2003 box. I am absolutely ecstatic. I had tried Jas' 10.4.8 on my previous rig, an AMD FX-57 and never did get the video working, this one comes straight out of the chute and everything works. I guess the Samba issue I have read about affects this version, I'll wait patiently for a solution, but for now, I tip my hat to the compiler of this DVD, thank you.