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  1. i tried your hacked clover and clover config, have set the qemu-flag to true in the cpu-section of clover-config, also made sure penryn is chosen in virt-manager, however macOS sierra is still too fast (approx 10 times i guess). do i miss an important step here? also i'm only able to use penryn, every other configuration doesn't even show clover
  2. can't get any osx version to work with vmware12 and linux (4.1.x), i manually edited the unlocker shell-scripts as well as the python-script underneath, so unlocker-setup seemed to work (so libvmwarebase.so instead of libvmwarebase.so.0 is modified) however, booting stops right before login, depending on what hardware-version i choose, i get a scrambled screen (looks like four "mini-displays" showing the progress bar arranged side-by-side on top of the screen) or simply a black screen i then tried to install a fresh yosemite.iso, which beachballed on booting the installer about half the progress bar, sitting there forever some other problem i noticed is, i can't run any command in single user mode, entering a command and pressing enter simply jumps to the prompt again, doing noting (not even mounting or fsck did work)
  3. El Capitan on VMWare

    fyi, beamoff tool seems to work again in el capitan dp3
  4. Yosemite random freezes on VMW

    just tried booting el capitan with vmware guest additions installed natively and it worked, only had to relogin to icloud and appstore again - so it seems we now can boot osx partitions inside a vm
  5. Yosemite random freezes on VMW

    maybe i don't have the latest version (by mistake), not exactly sure. but i remember seeing this message myself. on thing i'm pretty sure is, you need rootless=0 kernel parameter what i would like to know: i did not boot to el capitan natively after installing the vmware-tools inside the raw-disk based vm, is there a way to block the vmware-dependent kexts from loading when booting using clover instead of using the osx-partition directly with vmware's efi-implementation? all i know from trial-an-erroring with this setup by using yosemite is, that the vmware-kexts do constantly fail and load in a loop, so booting native with them was impossible in yosemite
  6. Yosemite random freezes on VMW

    with virtualized yosemite i saw this behaviour too, i found that it seems to happen on quick scrolling actions like scrolling a page in safari. it seems to be gone with el capitan developer preview, however beamoff doesn't work in 10.11 (yet? quartz debugger also crashes), so it's a bit laggy at the moment. however everything else seems to work great (with the expception of icloud, which i really don't need) after installing osx guest tools, i'm even able to boot my native osx-installation inside the vm
  7. funny thing is, i expected to see this bug all over the net with hackintosh and yosemite dp or betas and nvidia's webdriver, but this is the first time is have seen it mentioned by someone else. to be honest, this bug did cost me two weekends ("magically" appeared again after having installed a later developer preview while having solved the problem by "accident" the first time) and a lot of hair, until i found what's going on here
  8. i had this bug when using yosemite during the beta-phase and nvidias webdrivers, removing them and using apples own gpu-drivers fixed it for me however i was also able to use the webdrivers, after booting into single user mode (from a usb-stick) and rebuilding the kernel-cache in the installation. afterwards i could boot osx normally until the next reboot or shutdown
  9. Patching Intel 82574L Pci-Id 10d3

    worked here too - my card is now recognized oob by osx
  10. Best XP / Leopard Dual-boot method?

    www.usboot.org use and boot windows xp from an external usb harddisk, i posted a tutorial in their forum
  11. Front row and Divx, xvid

    yeah, i have this mirroring bug too, but i fear this might be an issue with drm and will not get fixed by apple. is it possible to change the primary screen by using a script?
  12. Leopard is not what i expected

    frontrow2 is a clear dissapoint for me too, because i used my second monitor in mirroring mode as my mediacenter by just activating the mode with fn-f7, however this isn't working now, because frontrow doesn't show video (but plays audio) in mirroring mode. so now i have to move the menubar to the second monitor after opening the screen preferences. is there an easy way (script) for doing so? also i hope that eyetv will cope with frontrow again in a way it did in tiger, at the moment the remote doesn't work
  13. i can only speak for myself, but I was very excited when the first osx86 of tiger was released in 2005. in fact I was able to test the gui, use every application, ... but there were problems with networking, sound, and the sata-interface which were not recognized as drivers were missing (chipset was nonintel and nonamd). It was enough to make me buy an Apple Computer as my next computer. As I never have regreted the decission since then, I'm sure that my next computer will also be an Apple, unless the company doesn't change for the worse in the next years. i have since "converted" 3 people using pcs at the moment to apple computers, with another 2 planing to buy in the upcoming months. so without the possibility to download the hackinthosh or leopard, this stuff wouldn't spread as much as it is needed for apple to reach new customers and users thinking about switching from pc's, and I'm absolutely sure that apple knows of this fact another effect I found on myself is that I'm starting to learn objective-c and cocoa now, so there will be a new developer for the apple platform in the coming years. which means that there could be an application that someone was missing until then on osx, which could result in new customers for apple computers too also i'm the typical guy who has to be always on the edge of computing, I always had the latest betas of every windows version coming out, I'm using latest developer branches of ubuntu and so on, the fact that microsoft made an operating system that sucks (sorry for the windows users out there, but this seems to be the tenor of all my friends having bought a new computer coming with vista preinstalled), and also put some kind of copy protection on it that "sucks" even more, made me switch from the pc plattform as it now seems to me forever, so they won't see my money not only for retail versions, but for oem versions pre-installed on new pcs too. being able to use leopard now for "free" (i can't afford it at the moment, as I'm currently unemployed and have still to payback the credit for my macbook pro), ties me more to the apple plattform, which means that my next computer will be apple again, which means i will buy leopard or the next osx by then.
  14. Airport Kernel Panic in Leopard 9A581!

    i found that I got kernel panics while having activated the plugins in the top area of azureus, after deactiving them (especially the one that shows the charts) i never had a problem again
  15. Installing leopard 10.5 GM...

    if it would really be called "ms safari", i doubt you would use the word flawless to describe it ;-)