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  1. Clover Themes

    lisai9093 I've been using your original OSS theme and really like it, but the font never looked good on my monitor. Your 2nd version the font is great, but the icons are huge!! I'm trying to combine the two and use the font from v2 with v1 -figured it out, it's still not perfect but I think it's an improvement
  2. 10.10.2 is out!

    I tried to make a new usb installer with 10.10.2 after downloading it from the app store, but yosemite.app isn't in the applications folder like before. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks so much for your work! I have a MSI GD65 which uses the Killer E2200 and before whenever I tried to use airdrop in mavericks the cursor would skip everywhere and then ethernet wouldn't work until I restarted. Airdrop still doesn't work now, but at least it doesn't screw everything up if I try. I also have the BCM94360CD for wifi and wasn't sure why I couldn't get airdrop to work, it did however work fine with Yosemite. anywho, thanks again for creating this driver. I did find out about it first from tonymac (don't hate me! I wanted to find the source so I found my way to this thread)
  4. GMA950 27a2 Vaio UX,TX ( IT'S WORKING NOW )

    So I'm all up and running, but the only problem I have run into is the cursor artifacts issue. In certain text boxes such as the itunes search box, when clicking it or running the cursor across it, causes a copy of the cursor to be stuck and a gray box to appear at the top left. I was just wondering if there's a fix for this, small issue, but can be annoying at times. thanks for the guide! at least everything is working except for the small issue. 10.6.3 on a Dell E1505