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  1. OSX 10.9 + Asus EAH6870 issues

    I've solved it. It was dart=0 kernel flag that was required. The only problem now is USB audio devices (as well as onboard audio) doesn't work. I'm forced to use VoodooHDA. Even sleep works perfectly first ever since 10.7
  2. Hello there, that's not my first Hackintosh, I've started with 10.6, used 10.7, 10.8 and now it's time for 10.9! My spec: MOBO: Asus P8P67, VIDEO: Asus EAH6870, the rest is not so important. I used myHack to bring the installer to the USB drive, and booted it with -x flag. The installation went perfect and now I can boot with -x. Of course QE/CL doesn't work and only 1 port is working on the videocard. When booting without -x, I see the last line about "**DEVICE IN SLOT 1", the screen blinks with white for a moment and returns to the initial terminal. So, I guess it's the problem with the AMD6000Controller.kext. What I've tried this far: - GraphicsEnabler=Yes, AtiConfig=Duckweed,Gibba, AtiPorts=3,4,5,6 in all combinations - All kinds of patched kexts stating they work with HD6870 - Manually patching the kext with the "framebuffer profile editing" - Patching DSDT - Using kexts from 10.8 (it doesn't boot in safe mode though) Can anyone just direct me what can I do next please?