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  1. It's still working for me.
  2. Did they switch servers maybe, and I'm still going to the old one? I am running my own DNS server, which only updates when I am unable to connect to the entries it has. Edit: It appears that is what happened. I can still post on the old forums (just did) but uh.... Nobody else can. His stat's page shows the site visits drop yesterday to about half of the previous day, and now today is less then 1% of this whole month.
  3. I dont use a proxy, and it's not a cache because I can still view messages and post....
  4. The site still loads and works fine for me, but nobody has posted anything in almost two days now. What gives? Why does it work for me?
  5. Erm... He said he has an Athlon XP. You obviously don't know anything about AMD processors, let alone that Windows XP and the Althon XP series has been out for around 4 years now. Anyway, although SSE2 is an extension of SSE, there are more differences between SSE and SSE2 than there are between SSE2 and SEE3. Mainly the fact that SSE2 can do 64, 32, 16 and 8-bit integer operations means that you'd need several instructions to do the same operations in SSE. I believe the changes blex0r made only involve replacing one instruction, which means you don't have to worry about shifting things around. So I think Adam is out of luck.
  6. Still waiting.....

    Boot from a Darwin 8.01 CD, and at the boot menu, eject the disc (it will let you eject normally) and replace with the OS X disc. You won't need to do the rd= {censored}, but as soon as it tries to start mach_kernel, you get booted back out to the boot menu. I'm pretty sure this is the same thing that happens when you do the rd= stuff.
  7. Rosetta Kernel uses TCPA

    Incorrect. As stated in the x86 programming guidelines PDF, you can force a Universal binary to use Rosetta. IIRC, this can be set from the Get Info box in the finder.