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  1. My personal prediction for not only OS X 10.5 - but for Apple's systems for 2007 is that Blu-Ray DVD Burnners will become a new standard - esp. on the MacPro towers.


    As for Leopard, I see Apple moving forward to unifiy the GUI to look more like iTunes 7. They've put the "smoothed plastic look" (that's the best way I can describe it) in iTunes 7, and (from what I can tell) on the iPhone - which is running Leopard. So here's my list:


    - Unified GUI (iTunes 7 look)

    - Invisablity and Single iChat IM windows (one window, with tabs identifing convos with different users)

    - Yahoo! Support in iChat (not sure if this possible now)

    - Dock Divders option - the ablity to organize a "set" of applications by dividing them (ex: All Apple shorts in one divide, next to it all Microsoft apps, next to that Adobe, next to that Macromedia, etc, etc.)

    - Spring-loaded Docked folders

    - A 3D Dock - have different apps on different sides and make it rotate or something

    - Another minimize effect aside from Geine - make windows roll up and hide or fold in half and slip down

    - New Finder features maybe tabs, better off-side preview with info, breadcrumbs like in iTMS

    - Eventually, Blu-Ray DVD burning, either single or dual layer

    - Games - Sol. Tetris, Free-Sel, Chess, Checkers - something!

    - Multi-Restore sessions in Safari - like in FireFox 2 - if FF2 Crashes - it'll restore the sessions (websites) you were at.

    - Native playback for WMV files within QT.

    - Apache 2.0, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, WordPress

    - Customization of Apple Remote controls (Google "mira" for details)

    - Multipule Mail accounts (ex: 3 Inboxes for Home, School, and Work - not sure if it's possible now)

    - Improved Photo Albums in iPhoto - Be able to set options for specific galleries (ex: 2007 > Italy - only pics of Italy will be in that gallery - Pictures moved from main gallery/library) - I hope I explained that well.


    That's all I can think of right now - I'm not sure if some of these features are avalable in Tiger right now or not. Correct me if I'm wrong.


    ~ Pixelation

  2. Once I get my new MacBook, I'm going to start tinkering/testing around with creating a speadsheet program that'll fit into the iWork suite. Something powerful like Excel, but clean and simple like Pages and Keynote.


    Has anyone worked on anything like this? This'll be my first Mac program, and the ({censored}) I learned in VB for Windows won't do me any good, so if anyone has any pointers, tips, or sites for a first time Mac programmer, that'll be great!





  3. Although I'm primarily on Windows, I'd have to say FireFox for both Win and OSX. I haven't had much use with FF OSX, but if it's any good on a Mac as it is on Windows, then that'll be my choice.


    The few times I have been on OSX for surfing I've used Safari and aside from afew differances (like clicking on the refresh button, instead of pressing F5 on the keyboard - although, I wonder is this a Mac thing or just a Safari thing?), I like Safari.


    @colonels1020: If Apple could port over more than just iTunes, that'd be awesome. In addition to Safari, I'd like to see iPhoto and iCal ported over for Windows.



  4. Okay, I looked around and couldn't find any noticable topics over this.


    I have an Acer TravelMate 220. Yeah, it's a POC. No WiFi network, No DVD drive, infact it's just a basic CD drive, doesn't even burn a CD.


    It has a 1.13GHz Intel Celeron, 20GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, and I'm sure it has 16MB Video. Now, first of is it even possable to run OSX on this machine? Secondly, since it doesn't have a DVD drive, is there anyway possable to instal OSX over a network?


    I haven't checked the BIOS yet, but I'll look for an option to boot from a network drive, though I doubt it'll be there.


    In the mean time, does anyone have any suggestions?



  5. If you need some help with hardware, software, drivers, etc, compatablity with Vista, I recommend checking out the forum at www.winvistasecrets.com. It's been pretty handy, although I haven't solved the problem with my video card (ATI Radeon X1600 Pro), 'tis a good place for researching problems and finding solutions to issues such as your wireless router.


    Hope this helps.

  6. I agree. Although, some of the commericals already do that. "I'm a Mac, but I can read Office documents, and connect to a Windows network, but I can also use the latest digital camera right out've the box, when Windows has to do driver installation and etc..etc..etc..." I don't remember exactly, but it's the commerical that the Mac and PC "have a little network going" then the girl (digital camara from Japan) comes along and the PC is cofused. That one makes me a bit upset. Just as with any new hardware (camera, printer, harddrive, etc) it has to be recongized by the OS. Yes, you're more likely going to have to reboot with Windows to get it working, but it'll still pretty much work out've the box. It's just that Mac OSX includes iPhoto which reconigzes it, launches, and downloads the pictures. Too bad Apple didn't release a PC version of iLife or iWork. That would've been nice.

  7. Maybe...

    Just Maybe...


    Apple could come up with a comercial that sells it's product, without comparing it to anyone else's product, and lying, being intellectually dishonest, or exaggerating in the comparison??!


    Obviously it's possible. You dont see Dell commercials saying "Hi, I'm Dell, Hi, I'm Compaq!"


    Being a mean-spirited martyr myself, I have to say, Apple's marketting to mean-spirited martyrs isnt working. At least, not with me.


    Well, remember, Apple is comparing OS and hardware. So, no, you wouldn't see Dell vs. Compaq commercials because both machines are capable of sharing the same hardware and the same OS, so really there's nothing to compare, in my opinion. Apple is trying to sell that their OS is better than others, and it is. Windows offers you countless ways to do the same task. Like, deleting a file. You can press delete on the keyboard, right-click, and select delete, go to File > Delete, drag it to the Recycle Bin (which M$ totally ripped from Apple), and if you've customized your toolbars (as I have) you have the option of adding a red X on the toolbar to delete. That's what, 5 different ways to delete something? Come on! Apple, just drag it to the trash can.


    Apple is in the market of sell computers with their OS. Windows-based computer manufactors, really don't know (or care at times) what you do with you're new HP or IBM. You could go in, format the drive and install RedHat. They have their money for the hardware they sold you.


    Again, this is all just my personal opinion. Yes, Apple's latest adds are... not as truthful as they really should be, or as kind as they should be. But they can't come out and say "Windows sucks, and OS X is better." Not just for copyright/trademark issue for saying "Windows" because, after all, Microsoft has invested into Apple and owns part/portions of the Apple Comptuer Inc company. And something like that might make Microsoft stop production on Virtual PC for Mac, Office for Mac, and some other programs that potentally saved Apple in the mid to late 1990s, (around 1995 to 1999 or so).

  8. Oh they'll think of some clever way to say "windows" without saying "Windows." And they can't go say, "well those Intel and AMD computers..." because, well.. Intels are inside Macs, which I'm still at little sketchy on, but that's a different topic for a different day.

  9. after i insalled the Mac osx86 10.4.4 Install DVD i restart and i get a black screen with a cursor. what am i doing wrong?


    I have the same problem when I install 10.4.6 on a clean Mac OS Extended (Journaled) (that is if my memory serves me correctly), partition on my 2nd hard drive.


    I can boot from the 10.4.6 DVD and start the install, but once it's finished and reboots. BAM. Blank screen, blinking cursor.

  10. The whole thing is annoying.


    You really can't compare Mac to PC because you're comparing apples to.. well.. apples. (no pun intended).


    It's comparing Mac to WINDOWS that's unfactual. Let's not forget what "P.C." stands for, "Personal Comptuer."


    I've made the mistake too, calling a Mac a Mac and Windows a PC, but still they're both the same, and they are both different. Mac or Windows. You can still preform (almost) all of the same tasks on either system. It's all a factor of personal preferance and what interface you want to use.


    Personally, I'm a Mac guy stuck in a PC world. That'll change by the end of the year once I buy a MacBook.

  11. Wow. The posed "What if..." question. "What if we can't crack 4.7 or 10.5?" Will the OSX x86 Project die? I honestly don't think so. With the developers, hackers, software engineers, etc, that are on this fourm they just might crack'em. But even if they can't, then my hat's off to Apple for developing such a solid OS. And to those developers, hackers and engineers who do get down and dirty cracking the OSes, I'm sure they'll discover ways to fix, crack, patch, tweak, and hack more of 10.4.6 and develop 10.4.7 and 10.5 based off of 10.4.4/5/6. Intergrating security, performance enhancements, software compatablitly, patchs and tweaks for hardware support.


    I believe that if we can't crack 10.5, we won't be discuraged, but challenged to the "How can we get it to work?" Allowing the forum to grow even more. Heck, maybe this could become it's own little company, the middle man between Windows and Mac. Developing our own flavor/versions of OS X for Windows Intel and AMD processors.


    The first thing I would do is cry, then rejoice. Then, buy a MacBook or MacPro (pending how much $$$ I can spend).


    But as for now, I'd love to just get 10.4.4/5/6 running on my Hackintosh. Anyone have any tips for upgrading from 10.4.1 to 10.4.6? The copy of 10.4.3 I have won't install/update, and I think you need 10.4.3 to upgrade to 10.4.5/6, right?

  12. I'd like to see either JaS or Myzar 10.4.7 as full-blown 4.0+ gig ISOs.


    I've been downloading 400 to 500 mb patchs and upgrades for 10.4.1 without any success of getting to 10.4.3 or 10.4.6. So a full on DVD ISO would be sweet for me. I don't mind spending 3 days downloading, I do mind spending 4 hrs here to 10 hrs here on patchs that don't work. :blink:


    Please make this a full version as though it was a fresh, first time install.

  13. i was puzzled at first why it gave me errors upon extraction..

    one of my roommates has an imac.. sent the zip over to him and he extracted it just fine

    heres what you have to do if you want to extract it..

    - open the zip file

    - rename the folder the ppf is in to something small without periods

    - rename the ppf inside that folder to something small without periods.. (except for the extension period of course.)


    and wa la now it can extract. funny how little periods all over the place will just screw everything up


    im using the newest version of winrar to do this fyi



    Well, unfort. I don't have access to an iMac. Although, I was able to get OSX 10.4.1 installed over the weekend. So, if I moved the ZIP file that is giving me problems over to my Mac hard drive and unzip it there I should be okay without any problems?


    I think I was able to see/understand the Notepad issue/suggestion. I'll post a couple of screen shots tonight when I get home from work. My problem is, I'm able to extract/view the PFF (or PPF?) file within WinRAR, but when I copy and paste it, nothing happens. I have to copy afew lines, paste, save, copy afew lines, paste, save, and so on. And there's 1000s of lines. Very time consuming :smoke:

  14. I also have 10.4.1 and I'm trying to upgrade to 10.4.3, but when ever I launch the install on the DVD (from within Mac OSX) it doesn't load. The installer icon will appear then disapper from the Dock without launching the install app. And it doesn't seem to want to boot from the DVD, I'll try again this evening when I get home, but does anyone have any suggestions?


    Where can I get JaS 10.4.6 DVD ISO? Is this different from the JaS 10.4.6 Patch? Thanks.

  15. View files in Notepad? Uhm.. okay.. *puzzled*


    At either rate, Rammjet has been kind enough to provide me with an RAR compression of the patch. Rammjet sent me a Zipped file, but it too was corrupt/asked for a password. So, he/she has provided me with a RAR file that I'm downloading now. Please dear God and heaven above, let this work! :police:


    And yes, I'm on a DSL line.

  16. This may or may not be a factor, but are you using VGA or DVI output on the card?


    I have the ATI Radeon X1600 Pro AGP and what drivers are you using? I haven't installed OSX 10.4.6 yet, but once I do, I'll reply with feedback and screen shots. What's the resolution do you have it set at?

  17. Well that's half of my problem free30.


    When I try extracting it using WinRAR, it bounces back 88 Error messages saying it can't create files/folders for the zip file. I'll run it in a second and post the errors I get, but it seems that every file in the zip file bounces back an error. I'm not sure how many files are in the zip, but 88 errors is what I get, so my assumption is there's 88 files. *shrugs* I don't know.


    What version of WinRAR are you using Free30? I'm using an Evaluation Copy of Version 3.51.


    Here's a sample of the 88 errors I get:


    C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\To Burn (DVD)\JaS.zip: Cannot create __MACOSX\JaS.10.4.6.install.dvd.PPF1 \._.DS_Store

    The system cannot find the path specified.


    I set up a folder on my Desktop called To Burn (DVD) which is where I'm trying to extract my files. But as you can see by the error, it doesn't want to do anything for me.


    I'm almost to the point of just saying F-it all and just buy a MacBook at the end of the year when I have money and just give up on trying to run OSX-x86 on my PC. But I don't want to give up.




    Thanks to everyones help so far and to everyone that'll help and give suggestions later on in advance.

  18. Okay, I now have the JaS Patch downloaded as a zipped file. When I try to extract the files using Windows Explorer. I get a pop-up box asking for a password (see attached).


    I'm running WinXP Pro SP2 (skinned).


    Does anyone know what the password is?


    Thanks Rammjet for your help, but your suggestions didn't work.


  19. Great work.. works fine on my 8001 ( Asus P4P800E-Deluxe )


    Thanks m.musashi :thumbsup_anim:


    Works great with my P4P800-E Deluxe. Great work.


    That's great news! I ahve the same board.


    What OSX are you both running? 10.4.4, 4.5, or 4.6?


    I'm downloading JaS OSX 10.4.6 DVD now, I can't wait til it's finished and I can install the Yukon Driver.


    M.Musashi, you are a God among us all! Thank you for ALL of your hard work!


    Have either of you had any other issues with the P4P800-E Deluxe board?

  20. That's true and I understand that. I'm just saying, too bad that the Intel-based OSX installs aren't compatable with Intel-based PCs. I know if it was, there would have to be a ton of support and drivers for PCs, and that's something Apple doesn't want to do because they manufacture Macs with OSX.


    I'm still amazed Apple has let Windows into their machines with Boot Camp. I mean, isn't that half the point of having a Mac, to have the beauty that is Mac OSX? It's just my opinion. I'm not saying Apple was wrong for doing it, I'm just saying that I personally would not put Windows on a Mac.