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  1. mkext problem

    It's already been done, but doesn't work as expected. I've found the reason: actual Chameleon releases load prelinked kernel cache even if there is no UseKernelCache option set to Yes, so it must be explicitly set to No, if you want it to load kexts or mkext on boot. Hope it'll help someone.
  2. mkext problem

    Hi! I have Chameleon bootloader and my kexts on EFI partition and system boots fine only with -f flag. Otherway as I see it's not loading /E/E kexts. Is there a way to build mkext with /E/E kexts to be loaded every boot? I've read some topics about that, but none of them solve the problem. How do Chameleon decide whether to load /Extra/Extension.mkext or not? Thanks.