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  1. Funktioniert die Xpertvidion 8600GT Super im Hack

    Das ist doch mal ne Antwort! Danke! 9.2 Kernel ... ist der im Kalyway update auf 10.5.2 drin? Muss mir mal die genauen update Prozeduren anschauen. Dachte vor kurzem noch wenn ich nen Core2Due und Efi bei mir zum laufen bekomm und den Vanilla Kernel nutze dass ich einfach die Updates per Software Update ziehen kann:-) Naja, so kann man sich in irren. N netter reboot Bildschirm hat mich drauf hingewiesen :-D
  2. Hi, habe z.Zt. eine Powercolor Radeon X1600 Pro in meinem Hack und bekomme diese absolut nicht zum laufen. Habe mir jetzt deswegen eine neue rausgesucht... wollte wissen wie da so die Unterstützun ist. Soll für Nvidia Karten ja wesentlich besser sein soweit ich gelesen hab. Hab n P35-DS 3 mit E4300 @ 3 GHz und Kalyway 10.5.1 EDIT: verdammt... hab den Link vergessen: Xpertvision/Palit GF8600GT Super (Retail, TV-Out, 2xDVI) http://www.alternate.de/html/product/detai...rticleId=201119 Danke im Voraus
  3. Leopard Installation on Asus P5LD2

    I've got the same Problem. It ends with about 1 Minute. (waited for about 5 hours) My Motherboard: P5LD2 VM DH
  4. Overclocking Problem

    Hi, my 805 on P5LD2-VM DH just working on 166 FSB and this absolutly Prime Stable. My error was that i forget to set the memory voltage a little higher. Here`s my Setting: CPU Frequency: 166 DRAM Frequency: 332 PCI Express Frequency: 118 PCI Clock: fixed to 33,3 Memory Voltage: 1,85 vCore: 1,3275 The temps are: Idle: 40-41 Prime and other benchmarks: 49-51
  5. Overclocking Problem

    and what can i do to make it faster
  6. Overclocking Problem

    Ok, now i have installed a big fan infront of the mobo. Normaly the Mobo temp is about 41C (is it normaly? ) What can i try to see if there's a litle bit more possible? here are 2 actual pics:
  7. Overclocking Problem

    @spreadie Sorry but i dont realy know what you mean.... Here are 2 Screenshots (1. of my Jumperfree Setting 2.PSU and Temp) What you mean i have to change?!?
  8. Overclocking Problem

    @spreadie Thanx.... probably error found to mine. The powersupply seems to be. Your settings are working till a fsb of 159. Sometimes it boots with 160 and works 2 days without a problem (prime stable) till i make a reboot. After this is nothing to see. (POST)
  9. Quake 4 unibin

    Now I've tested it and it runs. Install the Game Download the official 1.2 game update http://www.macgamefiles.com/detail.php?item=19123 Install it (If you forget these update and only use the cracked 1.2 cracked App. It only pops up and shut down im immediately) Now you can use the 1.2 crack if you wanna play whithout your CD/DVD
  10. Overclocking Problem

    Can you tell me the hole settings for the "Jumper free Configuration Menü" you have changed !? I have th 805 with the P5LD2-VM DH and cant boot windows / OSX behind the 150 FSB wall. Here are my settings: Pentium D 805 P5LD2-VM DH 1024MB Corsair TWINX 5400C4 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro 250GB Samsung SpinPoint P120 LC-Power LC6420G Silent Giant Black 420W V2.0 FSB 150 PCIe: 118 PCI: To PCIe What i have to set at the other settings like ram? And what i have to change .... Thats my first OC project
  11. Quake 4 unibin

    Have the same problem like this: curlyboy: I got the "Quake4.v1.0.4[b330].Cracked.dmg" from the bay, but it says something about not stealing his artwork and that the crack has been modified... If I open it with Rosetta it works, but very slow. So this cant be a UB. How did you get it to work? EDIT: OK, FOUND THE 1.2 UNIBIN ON DEMONOID... WILL TRY IT AT HOME... STILL ON WORK
  12. Chain boot error

    Hi, i have a problem dualbooting osx. I get the chain0 boot error when booting with the chain0 method. I made the error to format the af partition under an extended partition. Is there a chance to make it working? Acronis OS Selector cant find the Os X
  13. ok, thats no prob. knows someone something about the overclocking features of the ASUS P5LD2-VM DH. is it possible to get the 3,4 GHz or more?
  14. the GIGABYTE Sounds nice... but i want to use the 805 at about 3,4 GHz. whats with the ASUS P5LD2-VM DH. I heard that the sound doesnt work. what can i do? is there a patch or have i to use another soundcard.
  15. Look for an OSX able Mainboard that supports the Pentium D 805 and at the best still µATX is. There so far only the Asrock 775Twins-HDTV found. Have somebody tested it with OSX? Have you a tip for me? Thanks