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    USB install NetbookInstaller Retail 10.6.0 updated to 10.6.2 seems stable, have not tried Mic Sound( who cares lol) or Ethernet I believe there is a kext out there some where. (AtherosLEthernet) I was having trouble looking for drivers for wifi too but finally opted out to a Dell 1390 Best Way to get wireless is to get a DW1390( even Rev 00 works) and cover pin 20 with electrical tape recognized as Airport If you turn the card over you will see pin 18 marked just cover the pin to its left. works perfectly and no looking back trust me. about to try DW1490 and 0N204H also from a Mini 9 to see it they work Need help in getting to 10.6.3 -.5 since Mach kernel is restricted on atom proc. I believe?!?!?!
  2. I have a EP45-UD3LR MOTHER BOARD sound gone after 10.6.3 but all I did was DL updated Apple HDA HDA Dated March 27 2010 Just dropped it in on S/L/E Ran Kext Utility then all of a sudden the Speaker icon gray became bold