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    Vista: Complete

    I saw a movie from cnet.com about vista rtm. all of the stuff they showed are just enhancements. nothing new. most of the programs and stuff are already being done by some third party software. the newest thing i saw was a new game that is bundled with vista. This, in contrast to the leopard preview, is a bit lame. Imagine 5 years, 5 billion in RND and 2000 of the worlds brightest and highly paid developers just to do this? Its true what Steve Jobs said, and it something like "even with all that money you still can't make it better". Something like that. Wait for Vista guys. I'm sure it'll be cool for the first time, but I'll wait a little longer till hackers break through its security. Just like what happened to Windows XP service pack 1. Try installing Windows XP service pack 1, boot it up, plug and internet connection and wait 1 minute you'll get hacked by spywares just by using IE alone. For the average user to buy a new machine for windows vista just for the sake of games this will be good enough. But i'd rather get the cool ps3 to play games on rather than having headaches trying to fix windows vista. Goodluck guys. I'm sticking with the osx.
  2. moon God

    Windows Vista

    When I first saw Vista i told to myself: "holy cow! they've copied OSX and Sun's GlassFish project" Vista to me has nothing new to offer really. I'm more excited in Mac OSX 10.5.
  3. moon God

    From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    So following gwprod12's logic would be people who can't fix their pc's should buy a webtv but in turn if they can't fix their webtv should buy a mac with apple care? haha
  4. moon God

    From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    and people who can't fix their own webtv should buy what?
  5. moon God

    From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Thing about ppl bragging how fast their pc running on a mac osx is really absurd. i mean a computer is for different purposes. it can be fast or slow but it greatly differs on the user. you may have a really fast top of the line pc but your brain works like an 80c51 microprocessor. Just kidding. I do not mean to insult anyone. But let's keep it in perspective. All of the "fast "pc running here running a mac osx are illegal.
  6. moon God

    From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Well, running osx on a celeron doesn't do any justice when you compare it when you're on a macbook. anyway, i think, having a fast machine with lots of ram will really overthrow any macbook. like stated before. but the point of cavemonkey is that there's a great advantage in using a real mac when it comes to software updates. of course the osx is really tailored to be used on a geniune mac machine. like cavemonkey, i haven't had any chance to use the mac osx, but since this community provided me with the info i needed to run the osx on my pc i was able to use it. infact since i liked the osx i'm planning to buy a macbook pro. windows sucks big time. i'm not even looking forward to vista. Linux, well its ok but there's nothing better than a mac osx. anyway, thanks to this osx86 community for the info and letting me get the chance to use the osx. this site is actually good for any person who doesn't consider buying a mac but wants to run an osx on a pc. later on maybe he/she will have the urge to buy a real mac because of the benefits that the osx can deliver (especially on a real mac). sorry guys (to those using osx on a pc) i know its great using it but the osx is happier in its own natural habitat.