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  1. Somewhat off-topic, but ... apparently Apple is going to fully allow virtualization with Lion -- formerly it was only OSX Server. My hope with this is that this is the impetus needed for VMware to finally make some proper guest video drivers. (They had an experimental thing with Server, but I'm assuming since it wasn't going to bring them much/any money, they didn't spend any time trying to make it a polished experience) I enjoyed running OSX on my dv8 for awhile, but ultimately not being able to use my memory card reader, wacky volume controls, and the inability to update without patched kernels annoyed me too much, so I went back to Win7. It also helped that I inherited a real (if tiny) 13" MacBook from a death in the family. Plus there are plenty of apps I need to run natively in Win7 -- stuff requiring native/fast 3D performance, mainly. I'm stilling running OSX in VMware -- it's slow, certainly, but with a proper video driver, I would dedicate an entire harddrive to it. That would be the best of both worlds for me -- fully functioning hardware, all the Windows programs I've come to depend upon, and the ability to quickly get into OSX to do some programming when necessary. Someday...
  2. I sent Mammoth an email about this: if you update your installed version (to 10.6.7, and probably 10.6.6), then you can't use the MIID to boot into it anymore, without issues (like USB ports not working). But if you boot into the "Mac OSX Install" on your MIID, you can run the same fdisk/dd commands to restore Chameleon on your Cham partition.
  3. Hmm, it's working for me under both OSX and Win7 (I'm in Windows right now, typing this reply). It shows up as the same device name for me, same driver date (but version But I'm on a DV8, so I don't know if that makes a difference...
  4. Update: 1) Happy to report that the Atheros AR5BXB92 works with my DV8. Fits in perfectly (nothing on the bottom of the card), OSX recognized it immediately. I no longer have a Windows partition so I can't say if it works there or not. See attached image for how I did the antenna cables (nothing crazy, but you do have to curl them around a bit). 2) Concerning my Time Machine issue ... it was a simple problem: it was choking on my Cham partition Just make sure to add that to the "exclude" list when you first enable it! (On that note, I guess it's also a good idea to exclude the Cham drive from Spotlight -- perhaps the guides already indicate this) Thanks dgrx for the Atheros tip! And thank you Mammoth for your continuing hard work. I am really enjoying my new OSX environment.
  5. are there known issues with Time Machine using the Mammoth install method? I tried it today (with an external usb hard drive), and I get a mysterious "backup failed" message. I quick google search of insanelymac showed some stuff from a few years ago about needing a patched IONetworkingFamily.kext ... but I don't know how relevant that is (if at all) to this current method. oh, and I tried searching the guides, but didn't see any but one mention of Time Machine. feel free to let me know if I need to look at them more closely!
  6. Wael, I'm having the same problem with mine (I wonder if we got them from the same guy on ebay?) My BIOS is definitely fixed, because I have a full-length Apple BCM94321MC card, and if I use some tape to hold it in place (the half-height screw mounts keep it from being seated properly), it shows up in both Windows and OSX, and works perfectly in both places. I just ordered an Atheros AR5BXB92 card (based on advice in this thread, by dgrx) ... we'll see if it works. The bottom looks flat so I'm hoping it'll fit (whereas the BCM94321 card has components on the bottom, that keep it from lying flat). It's shipping from a city an hour north of me, so it should be here by Saturday, I hope. I'll let you know if it works.
  7. wael, I ordered one of these: Broadcom BCM94322 / Dell DW 1510 PCIe and no, the processor temperature does not show, just the harddrive.
  8. Just want to report that I successfully installed via the Mammoth method (earlier today, before the update). As far as I recall, the only issue I had was the CIIF/Cham thing, but that was minor. I have not tried *everything* everything, but I am simply blown away how much works! I'm posting this reply on the system now Can't wait until my new wifi card arrives to make it all complete! One issue I do have is that my Blu-Ray drive seems to access periodically, even though there is no disc in it. This is probably a total n00b question, but are the "alt" keys supposed to act as "Option" keys? I thought so, but that seems not the case here. Thanks x1000 Mammoth! Your hard work is appreciated! Thought I would NEVER get OSX running on this damn thing!
  9. Update 2: Mammoth has informed me: "The patched BIOS is already in the DV8 MIIF, so you don't need to look for it. It's already there. " Update: I just went here and found the already-modified BIOS (thanks, NIXin!). Additionally there are some different instructions there which look more elaborate... ------ I tried the steps in the P8_Technical doc to patch the F.25 BIOS. I did not actually update my BIOS with the results, however, because a few things seemed strange: 1. I searched for the hex values 84C075 and found them ... but (out of curiosity) I also did a search to see how many occurrences there were in the entire memory of EzH20 -- there were thousands! Is the first default match really the one to change?? Seems statistically improbable 2. Upon saving the patched result after editing, I found that the MD5 hashes of the original .fd file, and the patched version, were identical. Seems like the result wasn't sticking. I'm gonna experiment a bit more, but I would be really grateful if someone could send me a known-working, patched F.25 BIOS for DV8 machines. (7001F25.FD) Thank you Mammoth for all your hard work on this! cheers