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  1. I'm wondering if you all have sleep in 10.7.2? I've followed the last ten pages or so of this thread.. Install 10.7 and using the 'lionstuff' pack sleep is good. Update to 10.7.2 and suffer the black screen, then need to use luggi's modified DSDT to be able to boot. All good but no sleep I've done this twice, once messing with loads of different options and then one clean install 10.7, latest Chameleon, latest DSDT and the lionstuff kexts, 10.7.2 update and its always black screen or no sleep M1530/8600GTM MB5.1 in smbios, graphics injection on, luggi's DSDT. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the compilation of tips, really really handy. I have had two successful installations using leo4all v3 on my XPS M1530, the DELL package works a treat too. I have applied the UK keyboard layout but I still cannot make the 'windows' key work as an 'apple' key. can anyone tell me how to remap the key please?
  3. Vista + Leopard with EasyBcd

  4. SCSI works! Ultra320 SCSI PCI-X

    Good find, I have a Adaptec 19160 and 39160, neither work. Will dig out the LSI later!!
  5. VLC, mkv and Leopard

    I was able to play high bitrate 720p H264 within a ts and mkv in Parallels (just) or VMware Fusion (easily) on a Core2duo @ 2.8ghz and Geforce 7300GT. I was booting a plain XP SP2 installation and using the latest Cyberlink PowerDVD (and Haali media splitter with Media Player 11 for mkv). I only checked some 1080p content and it was pretty close in Fusion, with some tweaking probably workable.
  6. I have restored ok, if I remember correctly I just marked it back as active and re-installed pc_efi and it booted fine then.
  7. Just a quick post to make people aware of something with the frontpanel on the G5. I've killed a brand new mobo and I wouldn't want anyone else to do the same I have the service manual and it says that pin 1 is +v and pin 2 is gnd. It says pin 14 is Pwr Button. I connected all the pins on the connector to the mobo, the usb, firewire, audio and power button led. I should of checked the Apple manual was right but I didn't and assumption is the mother of all f**k ups... What appears to happen if you follow the Apple pinout, is that when you hit the power button you short pin 1 (which is connected to firewire +V) to pin 14 (pwr button). In the best case you short the firewire power to ground and in my case you short firewire +v to power switch +v. I am not stupid and don't think I make a mistake, I build hifi amps/dacs/preamps and can solder well but there is something amiss. It looks to me like Apple use the firewire +v as a trigger for the mobo to go live because pin 1 does indeed feed +v on the firewire connector. I've seen other posts telling you to connect pin 1 to gnd and not +v. This will work fine assuming you never connect the firewire header or front port. (because you are then pulling the +v from pwr button to gnd which is correct) My mobo doesn't start now so I'm going to try and rma it The solution for me because I want working firwire is to isolate the power button and run seperate wires for it.. You cannot really cut yourself with a dremel, I can put the cutting disc on my hand whilst spinning and nothing happens - no blood! The danger as previously mentioned is that you use it too fast that it will skip and jump all over your lovely G5 case Dust is a big issue, the discs tend to wear down as fast as what you are cutting through and that black stuff is choking and gets everywhere. I either use the garage or do it in the bath so you can wash it away. I wouldn't cut inside...
  8. This is a Mac Pro case thread and is different. I'm almost done with mine using a G5 + G33-DS2R... Things I've done : Make a motherboard tray to hold the mobo in place using the apple standoffs Shorten psu leads, remove uneeded connectors and mount to bottom of case Fabricate a bracket to hold power connector in place Cut and splice stock apple wiring harness to my psu. Mount two 92mm fans in the stock rear locations Create cable to connect front panel to firewire/usb/audio headers on mobo (it's not going to be plug and play!) Place an RJ45 socket on a pcb and mount on stock rear panel and wire Bond using epoxy a cut down 3.5mm audio jack to the stock rear panel and wire I haven't cut anything on my case, the ethernet and audio are on orignal back panel, there are 6 usb on PCI brackets and I have a pci wlan card and usb blutooth dongle connected internally to the stock built in apple aerials. The pin outs for the front panel are in the G5 case thread. Japhex: The case dealer is Scrumpymacs on eBay UK.
  9. new g5 case

    You can remove the standoffs with some pliers. Just bend them left and right, wiggle them and then they will pull out. Obviously don't bend them too much because you may create damage on the case panel outside.
  10. new g5 case

    Which front panel are you missing? My case had the power button but was missing the firewire/usb/headphone. I was going to hack something together but they are on eBay USA for about $15! and I'm sure I've seen the button on there for peanuts too Full kit : http://cgi.ebay.com/PowerMac-G5-Front-Pane...1QQcmdZViewItem I/O Board : http://cgi.ebay.com/POWERMAC-G5-FRONT-PANE...VQQcmdZViewItem Also I found the power entry hole is much bigger than the actual IEC socket, it will need a lot of filler. I'm still not sure how to mount mine in there.
  11. new g5 case

    I can't find the link i am afraid but I have seen several pictures of a G5 with a regular atx psu up there. It appeared to fit fine but the metal divider had a hole cut for the psu fan to breathe.I was going to put mine up there but I like the cage too much, its really neat and I have room on the floor because I'm using matx mobo. Edit: here it is http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=43287#
  12. [How to] GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R guide

    I'm running ToH release with EFI 5.2 and the 10.5.1 update, stock kernel. Works great, I have Adobe CS3, Quark, Parallels, iWork all running fine. I am using this mobo with an E2180 @ 2.8ghz, sata hd, 7300Gt and 2gb (450mhz) ram. Xbench of 175 inc HD tests. There are two niggly issues though. I have Orange icons for my sata drives, I don't really want to just replace the icon, how can I make it realise it is an internal drive? Also it seems to take a while to boot as mentioned in the guide, 20-30 seconds. When I first installed it the boot was maybe 10 secs. How can I find the slowdown? do we all have this issue? Cheers
  13. BACKUP the F$#ing OSX86 :)

    I used CCC yesterday and it does work but is unsatisfactory imo. I am new to OS X and all I wanted was Norton Ghost for OS X. I've used Ghost, Drive Image and True Image before, literally hundreds of times. I couldn't make Ghost work properly (need to Ghost the whole drive, ie. a 320gb image file) and True Image wouldn't boot. These apps will clone a Windows machine in minutes, 1gb a min is normal. CCC took nearly 2 hours to clone 10gb to a USB 2 external drive. The restore went ok but it takes maybe nearly 5 mins to boot the Leopard DVD, then 30-45 mins to 'scan' the image file and actually restored in something like 4 mins. Then the machine would not boot, it was just like a fresh install off the ToH DVD. I reapplied the EFI bootloader and all is ok. So it works but it is dog dog slow!
  14. Fan size in G5 Mac Case

    Thanks for that! Doing a Core 2 Duo into G5 build, will post some pics as it progresses
  15. Can somebody tell me the size of the two rear fans in a G5 case please?