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  1. New AMD DVD for leopard

    That is a known solution, you will need to set ownership and permissions on Natit.kext and replace all the other files in the folder.
  2. Now I have to clean my KB... One day when I'm old and retired and wealthy I'll be able to afford one...
  3. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Did you try turning on/off Legacy USB support in your BIOS, you will need USB keyboard and mouse for best results BTW.
  4. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I have the nForce 570 SLi on my board and as mine is read only, I use a removable ATA drive for my osx installs and that works fine.
  5. How to download free iPhone games

    Those appear to be Web-Apps, not native apps. just follow the link using your iPhone and pray you're on WiFi and not Edge... For native games, you would need to jailbreak your phone.
  6. UpHuck....WTF

    People berating the devs like this is the reason that so many of the truly gifted have "retired" because some people just don't have a clue. Be patient, do it yourself, try another method or just buy a damn Mac and get on with your life, heck he is probably 12 anyway and wants to get it installed so he can show that he is a L33T HaXxOr to all his friends while calling the work his own. Just my 2c.
  7. iPod Touch/iPhone ScreenShots

    If you're like me , you dont really use the 360 anyway...lol
  8. iPod Touch/iPhone ScreenShots

    Here ya go... Now you're not all alone...lol
  9. It appears to use the tiff exploit and then patches the hole when it's done. Looks like worst thing that would happen is to need a restore.
  10. Do you think Steve Jobs hacked his iPhone?

    Apple sanctioned 3rd party apps in February!!! http://www.apple.com/hotnews/
  11. noob questions... after days of search....

    I havent tried nvinject yet as my natit dual 0.02 seems to work fine with my 7600gt, but I'll have to take a look at it for sure if it's an update.
  12. ok, I had Uphuck 1.3 and toast 8 was fine. I just moved to tubgirls 10.4.10 (which is screamingly fast vs uphuck) and now it crashes when I try to perform any interaction with the key field upon launch after install. The crash report gives me a Kernel protection fault. Now the wierd thing is CS3 would not start on uphuck, but runs like a champ on Tubgirls. Any ideas ladies and gentleman? So far this is the only problem I have had so far. Otherwise the sytem is rock solid and runs a 1000% better than Vi$ta. Thanks in advance.
  13. How stable is your OSx86 machine?

    My current setup is very stable and fast, the only time it acts up is when I screw with something that I shouldn't.
  14. Do you think Steve Jobs hacked his iPhone?

    No I doubt he hacked it, he IS the developer for all intensive purposes, All he has to do is go to the lab and say "hey guys, I want this" It also wouldnt durprise me if his iPhone holds a hell of a lot more than 8gb
  15. About This Mac Screenshots

    Here is mine currently...