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  1. [eBay:US & Canada] eMachines T3958 & iPod Shuffle

    Fix your links, they're wrong :pirate2: ~Francisco
  2. I'll get some done up tonight ~Francisco
  3. Price drop to $800 CAD shipped! ~Francisco
  4. After much searching I've not been able to find anything to answer this question Between a CPU running in SSE2 and one running in SSE3, is there major speed differences like during hte first releases of OSX? I currently have a Dell 9300 laptop that I've been thinking of putting OSX on, but, alas don't have SSE3. My corcern is that without SSE3, will I suffer a lot while using software in Roseta? Many apps now have universal builds, but ones like photoshop and the like I do need access to. Any info would be great ~Francisco
  5. Hello everyone I've decided i wish to do away with my old laptop and (hopefully) get a mac book of sorts. I currently own a Acer Ferrari 3000+ (http://global.acer.com/products/notebook/fr3000.htm) I've had the laptop for about 1 1/2 years now. There is some wear on it (around the where the palms would rest on it), but the laptop runs very well The monitor has no dead pixels and has a very nice display. The laptop currently has SUSE on it for testing mostly, laptop has been under very light use for the past 6 months or so as my work has needed me to use a desktop. Shipping will be paid on my end, pictures can be given apon request. Users wishing to trade, I'll pay any difference. *Price drop* Price is now $800 CAD shipped Thanks! ~Francisco
  6. What happened to win2osx.net?

    I bet it's just 'cuz they had a lot of traffic in a single day. His host is canada based, meaning DMCA issues don't come about. When they were first put online they had this, where they burned like 15GB in a day, and the host pulled them offline, really lame.
  7. Basilisk II in OSX

    PearPC doesn't do the Openfirmware dealy, so it can't run pre OSX yet. Basilisk won't compile, nor run from binaries either. I've been playing around trying to get it, but to no avail.
  8. Toast Titanium 7

    I dragged the install file off the cd to my desktop. I then dragged it to the box on the left side and it patched it all up. It then booted and detected my burner just fine. But, once i closed it, it didn't open again. I'm not sure if this is a issue with my copy of OAH (i got the 0.4 release), or with Toast it self.
  9. Toast Titanium 7

    Here - http://sr1.mytempdir.com/146681
  10. Toast Titanium 7

    Heh, someone here must have a account there, and can download it the patch is only 300KB or so

    If it's something so simple that's stopping it from installing, then it should be easy to hex i would think?
  12. How do you get the taskbar to right justify? And what skin/mp3 player are you using? That's pretty nice
  13. A shame someone couldn't get a copy of the BIOS, so then people could see what they're doing, heh
  14. I'm not sure, if they ran out of BW, they wouldn't have a 404, they would have a suspended page I would think? Maybe someone should contact the host and see what they say? heh
  15. Best OSx86 laptop / notebook

    Well, If you get a AMD 64 laptop, you could put one of hte new semprons in there. I got a Ferrari 3200, which has a 2800+ in it. Right now i'm looking at just getting the semp 3400+, since it'll fit in here, the heat will stay more or less in the same ball park, uses less power from what i saw, performs around that of a full 3000 - 3200, plus see3 I'm trying to get any confirming on how much of the ferrari is actually supported. I've been reading that the lan and audio work (or should), but haven't heard anything about the bluetooth/USB.