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  1. microlomaniac

    Boot OS X from eSATA (ExpressCard)?

    Hi, if anyone's interested: I have a MBP and added an eSATA card to it, and I wanted to boot Snow Leopard from it. When trying to install directly to the drive when connected to the eSATA port, the installation fails. But having it connected with a USB cable works fine. After the installation and the first reboot, I replugged it via eSATA and it now works perfectly! I now have a perfect Snow Leopard install on an external RAID0. What I'm now going to do is to try to set my user account up that it actually accesses the user folder on the internal drive. I'll see if that works.
  2. Anyone here who uses the Web Sharing function, too? I often use it to test my websites before uploading them. Very neat because of the PHP functionality, which I activated by editing httpd.conf. Now since I updated to Leopard, the only page that will show is the root one ( ANY other directory (inside my user folder) just gives me a 403 error! I already got myself an unmodified httpd.conf, still 403 everywhere. Any ideas anyone? Thanks much in advance, Charles
  3. microlomaniac

    iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I have a P4 2.0 @ 2.2 and, sure it works, but actually I'd like to do other things WHILE listening to mp3s, which is rather hard when iTunes takes up 80-90% of my CPU. (The real solution: Buy a Mac. It works :-P)
  4. microlomaniac

    dual booting with 2 different HD!

    On most boards I know, it's the F8 key for the boot menu. Works fine for me, btw. (when booting from a separate HD, not partition).
  5. microlomaniac

    iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I have a SSE2 CPU (P4 2.0@2.2), iTunes 7 works with modified Info.plist but DARN it's slow. It almost hangs the whole machine: When I click on a song to play, it takes around half a minute to start playing. And while playing, CPU load is 100% so other apps (especially Rosetta ones) are very thankful So, just downgraded to 6.0.5 (used the download link above, thanks Afraydo!). I don't like iTunes anyway, but one thing's true: There's nothing better around for mac. (so missing the automatically updating winamp library... snif) EDIT: iTunes 6.0.5 works but it plays my videos without sound (mp3s work), any ideas?
  6. microlomaniac

    Screen saver issue: doesn't load

    Hey everybody. I have OSX 10.4.6 running natively with QE and CI, no problem so far. Just one: The screen saver doesn't work. When I select "test" from the screen saver SysPrefs, the specific SS loads successfully. But when the SS should load up, after the set 5 minutes, the screen just freezes in actual state. When I move the mouse then, or press a key, the screen dims half a second, comes back again, and everything's fine. So the system doesn't hang, but the SS just won't load. Any ideas here? Thanks in advance.
  7. I actually switched to ATI with my X1600pro because of OSx86. And I ordered a USB audio device compatible with OSX, well.. since then my AC97 finally works fine. doh.
  8. microlomaniac

    Worked once!, but never again: PANIC.

    Again it won't boot. Same error as before. I don't get it. Hopefully i will get to install from a DVD these days.
  9. microlomaniac

    Worked once!, but never again: PANIC.

    10.4.1. SOLUTION: Yes, it works again. Just had to remove a little SD card from the card reader. Obviously it had some problems in figuring out the root disk with more than 1 usb device attached.
  10. Hey. I'm running a P4 on an Asus P4P800deluxe with a GFFX5600, i tried it with the VMWare image, which works fine but "amazingly" slow on VMware, so I wrote the image onto a USB hard disk. First results: 1. boot from USB HDD: started w/o options, graphics screen with "you need to restart" came up. OK, I thought, then let me just restart. 2. Just restarted, again with no options, AND IT WORKED! Mac OS X on my machine!! Yeeha! I, being happy, went to sleep then, and turned on the PC the next morning - nothing. Since then I ever get the same damn panic. If you want to read it again: panic(cpu 0 caller 0xC01A0893): bdevvp failed: open Debugger called: <panic> Frame 0xc79c3e60: PC 0xFFFFFFFF args 0xFFFFFFFF 0xFFFFFFFF 0xFFFFFFFF 0xFFFFFFFF _panic + 0x00000154 Frame 0xc79c3e80: PC 0xand so forth, another 5 lines with _bdevvp, _vfs_mountroot, _bsd_init, _kernel_bootstrap, _call_continuation. invalid frame pointer 0xc79c3fd4 ethernet MAC address: 00:00:00:00:00:00 ip address: Waiting for remote debugger connection. kdp_poll: no debugger device (yes I did replace the hex codes by FFFFFFFF by myself.) 1. This can't be a SSE issue, because it worked once! 2. This can't be a USB issue, because it worked once! I already wrote the image onto the HDD again - with no success. And believe me, I know this forum by heart already, that much I searched. Ideas somebody? pleeeeeease? Oh, yes I tried -x, -F, -s already. Nothing. Boot device is OK, since it says "Got Boot device" some lines earlier. I Thank you very very much for any reply in advance. Cheers, Charles