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  1. Try pressing F8 immediatly after selecting OS X
  2. cheerio

    need help real bad!

    From what it seems, most of the time the DVD's come out corrupted anyways. I would recommend simply installing through VMWare, much easier and it doesn't take the hassle of burning like 40 DVD's which end up in the trash.
  3. cheerio


    I have to admit the screen shots look awesome I think i'll try it
  4. cheerio

    OS X on an video iPod?

    since when was the iPod video touch screen?
  5. Gnarles Barkley, I don't have all that great of a reason, but it's good.
  6. Nevermind, I feel so stupid I wasn't pressing Escape and booting from the CD-Rom Drive. Sorry Awesome guide, add one to the success counter
  7. Specs: 10.4.6 Dell Dimension 2400 512MB Ram nVidia Fx5200 PCI Gfx SSe2 PS/2 optical mouse When I open iMovie, I can move my mouse around, I can right click anywhere, but I can't left click. It simply doesn't respond. I looked on the apple forums but nothing worked ( I tried making a new user, I tried changing the mac version to 10.4.3, tried rebooting..) If anybody else has this problem please post maybe we'll find a solution or something Thanks in advanced
  8. Thanks for the reply, but I already did that. I mounted the ISO with Daemon tools (it is now drive E:) and in vmware i changed the cd-rom drive to E:. It boots, but the problem is when I go into disk utility. I don't see my hard drive, i see virtual hard drives created by vmware
  9. I'm wondering how can I dual boot from VMware because I don't have a DVD drive/burner. I have the JAS 10.4.6 iso, and i mounted it with daemon tools. In Vmware I set the Cd drive the the daemon tools one but when i get to the part where you erase the disk, i don't have the "disk." I only see some Vmware disks, and i'm wondering how i can get around that. Does any body know? Thanks in advanced
  10. http://www.demonoid.com/register.php?with_invite=1 om19wid4cqu
  11. cheerio

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    In my opinion, I like browsers that are easiest to use and organize. I use firefox because it has a great popup blocker, tabs, and a download manager. It is also easy to clean the temporary files, and there are tons and tons of plugins. I like Safari too, but I'd rather just stick with FireFox because I am so used to firefox. IE = Terrible. That's all I can say. IE7 may have features, but where do you think microsoft got the ideas for IE7? IE sucks. Opera: I've never really used it, but I've heard it is the very best. But I don't want to say anything until I really use it In My Opinion, the best browser is Firefox because it is free, safe, easy and customizable
  12. How long does your computer take to boot up, and shutdown ( when i turn my computer on, it says "dell", but don't start counting there. Count when OSX starts loading ) Tiger-x86 Start Up : 18 Sec. Shut Down: 6 Sec. Windows Start up: 26 Sec. Shut Down: 17 Sec.
  13. cheerio

    iMovie 6 HD

    I am having this same problem as well. THe only thing i can do is use the top menu bar (ex. file, edit, view) and hotkeys. I tried changing systemversion.plist but it did no good.
  14. cheerio

    iLife --> iMovie + iWeb + iDVD PROBLEM!

    I am having the same troubles with my iMovie. I don't know which .plist file to edit though
  15. cheerio

    Dell Dimension 2400

    Well today is definitly my lucky day. Ethernet suddenly works, sound suddenly works, life is good If a moderator wants, he/she can delete this thread